Feeding An Octopus

July 9, 2007 10:40 am
Posted by: heather
Feeding An Octopus

Ever tried to feed an octopus? Well, it is as hard as one would think. It seems like whenever we try to breastfeed, Jace grows extra arms. These arms grab at me, try to push him away from me and generally get in the way of him latching on. Swaddling can help but then he tends to fall asleep. At least the vacuum cleaner attachment seems to have found a lower setting!

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Kirsten C. wrote a comment on July 9, 2007

clam, frog, now octopus – I guess this kid has a thing for water!

Cheryl wrote a comment on July 10, 2007

RJ is an octopus too! Unreal!!! An octopus with claws – I have tiny scratches all over my boobs from him! Those little mitts DO NOT work – he looses them in like 30 seconds!!

Does Jace try to make “fake boobies” with his fists and then get pissed when they don’t express milk (when the real nipple is like 2 cm away) too?

Mama/Grandma wrote a comment on July 11, 2007

Steve and Heather–
We’re really enjoying your comments and pictures! Keep them coming!

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