Tummy Monster recommends the use of RSS readers

July 10, 2007 1:13 pm
Posted by: Steve Leibman

Jace has friend named Tummy Monster who, despite being in utero and the size of a baby potato (as of 7/7/2007), is an expert on web-related technologies (you can see Tummy Monster’s website here: T Monster recommends the use of RSS feed readers for anybody who regularly visits web sites with RSS feeds and frequent updates (news, blogs, etc.). An RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) feed is basically a specially formatted version of the content on a website like this one, designed for use with RSS readers (like the Google reader seen here:

Tummy Monster has a more detailed description:

For anybody who cares about such things, I’ve placed a link to the RSS feed for our website over on the right side of this page. Those of you who followed the instructions to get email updates are actually already using the RSS feed indirectly (the feed is being interpreted, converted to email, and then sent out to subscribers).

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