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August 24, 2007 5:41 pm

Now, if you spend a week on Cape Cod you need to visit Provincetown. Located at the far tip of the Cape, Provincetown, or P-Town as it is more commonly known, is probably the most liberal town in all of Massachusetts. Known for its thriving gay community, it is quite a sight to be be seen. We wandered down the main street and learned that later that afternoon there was a drag bingo game planned. And it was already sold out…

Jace seemed quite interested by the whole thing and insisted that we take his picture with his new friends.


5:40 pm

Jace’s cousin Lexie wasn’t quite sure what to think of him at first. She eyed Jace warily but soon seemed to warm up to him. At 14 months she has a odd assortment of vocabulary words but “baby” was definitely one she knew. It didn’t take long for her to run up to Jace, pointing and saying “baby”. As the week went on she not only said baby every time she saw him, but also wanted to touch him. After a couple of attempts to poke out an eye, Lexie learned that you need to be gentle with “baby”. By the end of the week she was more than happy to give him kisses which was just too cute for words.

Jace and the Ocean

5:38 pm

Since it was Jace’s first trip to the ocean we felt he should get the full experience.

We started off with a simple dip of the feet in the ocean which he seems just fine with…

Then on the last day we let him go for a “swim”

Again he seemed just fine with it. Or at least he tolerated it without protest, we thought. That was, until he was entirely out of the ocean, at which point he sought his revenge by deciding Daddy needed to be wet too. So he peed. All over Steve…

Family Vacation

5:30 pm

Last week my parents rented a house on Cape Cod in Wellfleet for a family vacation. My brother Malcolm, his wife Mandy and their daughter Lexie flew out from California to join us for a week at the beach.

I was a little nervous about taking a 7 week old to the beach (although I was eager to have a vacation) because, what can a 7 week old do at the beach except sit in the sun which would be bad for his fair skin? We did a little planning ahead of time and bought a sun shelter for Jace to sit in and I purchased some sunblock (Baby Lizard chemical free stuff from Australia) for his hands and feet since we planned to keep him in long sleeves and pants to protect the rest of him.

And you know what, it all worked out just fine. Jace took lots of walks on the beach in his baby bjorn and napped in the sun shelter.
In fact he felt quite at home since at night his white noise radio is set to ocean waves! Everyone else had a good time as well with plenty of ice cream consumed and a relaxing time of beaching and eating lots of fish and seafood. The week ended with a big birthday bash from my mum.
Check out our photo section for more pictures from our vacation and also look in the Jace album to see new ones of him.


August 23, 2007 10:10 pm

The first smiles that your child gives you are so very special. After many weeks of giving unconditionally, it feels nice to get some visual recognition. And the best part is his whole face seems to light up when he smiles.

Jace is a pretty smiley kid. Especially in the mornings after a good night sleep. That is also when we have the best conversations. They may be in two separate languages (english and baby) but we seem to do okay.


August 2, 2007 12:38 pm

Jace seems to have figured out that he can make noises other than yells. It is nice to hear. His favorite activity is watching his mobile go around and he seems to make all kind of commentary when watching it. Perhaps he is letting us know that the “animals” are rather strange colors and species.

This morning I think Jace laughed for the first time. He was nodding off from his 5:30 am breakfast and got a big smile on his face. Then made a noise that I swear sounded like a laugh. I wonder what he was dreaming about. Swimming in a pool of milk? Those strange “animals” on his mobile? Perhaps you have some ideas as to what made him so happy?

Talent Revisited

10:33 am

So when Jace was first born, you may remember that he had a talent for sleeping. Problem was that back then he liked to fall asleep while eating. Well, he grew out of that pretty quickly when he realized how yummy milk was and that he really should get as much as he could while the bar tap was open for business.

In the past week or so he has rediscovered the joy of sleeping. But at a much more opportune time (or at least from my point of view) Our son slept for 7 1/2 hours last night! And this isn’t the first time he has gone for long stretches. There have been some 5 and 6 hr nights interspersed in the last 2 weeks. Now some will say that, since I have spoken this aloud (or typed it aloud anyways),  I have angered the sleep gods and cursed us so he won’t do it again. Perhaps that is true and, if so, I will be sad but I wanted to celebrate with you.

Of course, all this good sleep comes at a price. He was a very fussybutt yesterday afternoon and evening. He ate every hour or so and, when he wasn’t eating, he had to be on your shoulder being bounced or walked otherwise he screamed. And forget about naps in his crib or swing. This kid will only sleep at night or if he is attached to you in the sling or baby bjorn. We have to put him in, go for a walk and then, maybe, he will fall asleep for a little while. And you can’t put him down once he is asleep. Oh no. He immediately notices that he is no longer attached to mommy (or daddy) and wakes up. Now I can get some stuff done with him attached. Like right now I am typing (albeit with lots of typos). However, it is really hot in Boston right now. Even with the air conditioning on, it gets really hot with a monkey snuggled up to your chest.

But as I said, he slept for 7 1/2 hrs last night so who am I to complain.

1 month checkup

9:58 am

Jace had his one month checkup on Tuesday.  He started to cry as soon as I mentioned that we were going to the doctor’s office. Funny since he wasn’t getting any shots or anything like that! He is now 11 lb 4 oz and 23 1/2″ long. That is 2 lbs bigger and 2″ longer than when he was born. I think his screams are also 2 decibels louder, his muscles twice as strong etc etc. Not bad for one month of life.

Next time there are shots involved so Steve is coming with us to the doctor’s appointment because we all know I hate shots!

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