1 month checkup

August 2, 2007 9:58 am
Posted by: heather

Jace had his one month checkup on Tuesday.  He started to cry as soon as I mentioned that we were going to the doctor’s office. Funny since he wasn’t getting any shots or anything like that! He is now 11 lb 4 oz and 23 1/2″ long. That is 2 lbs bigger and 2″ longer than when he was born. I think his screams are also 2 decibels louder, his muscles twice as strong etc etc. Not bad for one month of life.

Next time there are shots involved so Steve is coming with us to the doctor’s appointment because we all know I hate shots!

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Deb wrote a comment on August 2, 2007

I knew this kid was cool. He already knows doctors can be scary. Hopefully he won’t grow up to be as big a chicken as I am.

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