Family Vacation

August 24, 2007 5:30 pm
Posted by: heather

Last week my parents rented a house on Cape Cod in Wellfleet for a family vacation. My brother Malcolm, his wife Mandy and their daughter Lexie flew out from California to join us for a week at the beach.

I was a little nervous about taking a 7 week old to the beach (although I was eager to have a vacation) because, what can a 7 week old do at the beach except sit in the sun which would be bad for his fair skin? We did a little planning ahead of time and bought a sun shelter for Jace to sit in and I purchased some sunblock (Baby Lizard chemical free stuff from Australia) for his hands and feet since we planned to keep him in long sleeves and pants to protect the rest of him.

And you know what, it all worked out just fine. Jace took lots of walks on the beach in his baby bjorn and napped in the sun shelter.
In fact he felt quite at home since at night his white noise radio is set to ocean waves! Everyone else had a good time as well with plenty of ice cream consumed and a relaxing time of beaching and eating lots of fish and seafood. The week ended with a big birthday bash from my mum.
Check out our photo section for more pictures from our vacation and also look in the Jace album to see new ones of him.

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