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Frog Prince

October 31, 2007 9:05 pm

Jace was a frog for Halloween. Somehow this seemed inevitable since his nursery is decorated with lots of frogs. When Deb told me she had seen a froggie costume in Babies R Us, I couldn’t resist. Did my 4 month old child really need to dress up for Halloween? Probably not but it was fun. What is more to the point, he even wore his costume 3 times!

On Saturday, Geoff and Aurianne hosted an Octoberfest brewfest. To get into the spirit of things they asked that everyone dress up in their Bavarian Best. Steve and I happened to already have Bavarian costumes from Mark and Angie’s Octoberfest several years ago. Jace, well, he got to be a Frösche.

Then on Sunday Jace and I stopped by a halloween party hosted by one of the other mom’s from our Isis group. It was neat to see a couple of the babies who we had met when they were 6 weeks old.

The final froggie day was, ofcourse, today; Halloween. We didn’t have too many trick or treaters but April (our daycare provider) stopped by with her kids and Jace got to say hello to Edward and Henry from across the street and a couple of other random groups of kids.

I now have lots of leftover candy to try not to eat!

Apple Picking

8:52 pm

A week ago, we took a daytrip down to Rhode Island and went apple picking. The day was absolutely gorgeous and the company was excellent. Our friends Koos and Stef just bought a place in Smithfield RI which apparently is a the apple orchard section of Rhode Island (betcha didn’t even know Rhode Island had apple orchards!) We picked a bag of apples, ate a few along the way* then went back to their house where they had organized quite a feast. When we finally left to go home, we were so full we practically had to roll ourselves out to the car. Imagine roasted chickens, vegetables, soup, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and lots of other yummy goodness.

* Many of you know that I have this really weird allergy to fruit skin. Well, apparently, when you pick apples straight off the tree, whatever the thing that I am allergic too is, it doesn’t exist yet. It gradually builds up and by about the 3rd or 4th day I can no longer eat them uncooked. Weird huh!


October 24, 2007 8:48 pm

I have added some new photos to the Jace album and we have fixed the little glitch that was making the medium sized images broken. In addition, if you want to print copies of any of these images but don’t want to download them all, these images are also available on our public Picasa site. ( I don’t always remember to post them there quite as often but they should make it there eventually. From Picasa you can send them to snapfish or photoworks.

Jace’s New Toy

8:36 pm

Jace has a new toy. He is so very excited. One of Jace’s favorite activities is standing. This kid, who hates tummy time, likes nothing more than to be held in an upright position. He gets a huge smile on his face every time. I am convinced he won’t learn to crawl but, when he decides to go mobile, will skip straight to walking.

This new toy is perfect because it allows him to be vertical AND play at the same time (and gives me back my hands).

Thanks to our friends Rick, Laura, and Allison for lending us their extra one.

Rapper Name?

7:59 pm

For some reason I keep calling Jace “Sweet P.” these days. And no, that isn’t an abbreviation for sweet pea like the flower or sweetie pie. I think it came from “my sweet little piglet”. Sounds like it is his future rapper name to me.


October 16, 2007 11:42 am

This past weekend Jace and I headed north to my parents house in New Hampshire. This was a new state for him. So far 3 states in three months with a fourth state planned for next month.

Steve stayed home to work on his thesis so it was a solo trip for me. I timed the travel for naptime and it worked out just fine. He slept for most of the way. Once we got there we had a fabulous time. My mum made yummy food (okay, so Jace missed out on that part) and we played in front of the fire. My mum even watched Jace for a little while so I could study for my architecture exam. (yes, I am finally taking them after 10 yrs!).

But this is the big part. On Sunday, while having his mandatory tummy time, Jace rolled over! I would say that the kid will do anything to avoid tummy time but since he has gotten better head control in the last couple of weeks, tummy time hasn’t been as much of a chore. Apparently he just hated having is nose smooshed into the ground. Can’t say I blame him. I will admit the the rolling over definitely was accidental. He looked totally confused and puzzled when he realized he was now on his back.

3 Months Old

October 2, 2007 8:41 pm

For those of you who are keeping track, Jace turned three months old this weekend. Usually babies don’t have to go visit their doctors at this milestone but Jace was an exception. When he was born, his head was 75 percentile in size (Thank goodness) even though his height and weight were in the 90-95 percentiles for his age. He kept on this curve at one month but when he went in for his two month checkup, his head had grown from 75% to 95%. Since that is a twenty percent jump, our doctor wanted him to come back at month three to make sure there wasn’t a problem.

Jace’s latest stats: Head circumference 90% for age (I forget the dimension but he passed his checkup with flying colors), weight 15 lb 15 1/2 oz (that is 90%) and height 26″ which is above 97%! We have one tall kiddo here. One happy, tall, healthy kiddo.

Jace goes bowling

8:06 pm

The other week my office had it’s annual bowling tournament. Yes, you read correctly. We went bowling. When was the last time you went bowling?

Every year we go to the local lanes, are assigned a team and we bowl. 10 pin bowling. None of this weird New England candle pin stuff. There is a theme (silly hats or adornments are given to be worn) and lots of fried food and alcohol is consumed. It is actually quite fun even if you can’t bowl very well. You get to socialize with people in the office you might never interact with otherwise and generally just relax.

This year bowling was on my day off. Since Jace didn’t have daycare, I decided that he would come bowling with me. We didn’t sign up for a team but figured we would just hangout and socialize. Everyone is always asking how Jace is doing anyways. When we got there, I decided that if Jace was at a bowling alley, he was going to bowl. Just like if he was at the ocean he was going for a swim. So I strapped him into the bjorn and we bowled a frame. And got a spare! I suck at bowling and somehow Jace was a goodluck charm. The next frame I bowled, I let Robin hold Jace. I think I threw a gutter ball…

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.