Sticky Pink Piglet

November 4, 2007 3:15 pm
Posted by: heather

Last Sunday at 3:30 am, Jace woke up screaming his little head off. Since he wasn’t hungry having just at an hour or so before, Steve got up and tried to console him. And tried, and tried and tried. Nothing would make our little piglet go back to sleep. Finally at about 6am I nursed him in bed and he passed out from extreme exhaustion. We we got up at 8:30 he clearly had a fever so we gave him some tylenol and hoped he would feel better. He seemed to improve a little but was very clingy all day then cried again all evening, causing me to call our friend Kate in a panic. Kate has a PhD in nursing and 2 boys of her own so she is definitely the person you call when you don’t know what else to do Unfortunately she had no great tricks up her sleeve but she did make me feel a little better even if Jace didn’t.

That night he absolutely refused to be put down in his crib and kept crying until I brought him into bed with us and nursed him on and off all night so he could get some sleep. The next morning the poor little kid still had a fever so we made an appointment with the doctor. Turns out Kate was right, Jace has an ear infection as a result of the cold he has been nursing for the last couple of weeks. We got a prescription for Amoxycillin.

Apparently you are supposed to give 1 tsp of Amoxycillin, 3 times a day. They give you a handy dandy syringe to squirt this stuff into his mouth. Sounds easy enough. Well, you try giving a squirming little boy a syringe full of stick pink liquid. 1 tsp may not sound like much but getting him to swallow it all is a challenge. You end up with a very sticky pink piglet at the end of it all.

Jace is clearly feeling much better but we still have several more sticky pink days to go.

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Michael Leibman wrote a comment on November 5, 2007

That doesn’t sound like much fun.

Thanks for taking some time to update this … I kind of load it up and say, “look at this” to some of the froglet’s grandparents, and, hey, it lights up their lives a little.

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