Jace’s research day at the MIT Media Lab

November 11, 2007 5:21 pm
Posted by: Steve Leibman

Today, Jace and I (Steve) left Heather at home to study architecture things, while we went on an adventure to the MIT Media Lab. Luckily those Media Lab folks spend most of their time playing around with things that Jace is easily able to understand, and he shared some of his expertise…

Here we are at the entrance to the Lego Learning Laboratory, where Jace devised some groundbreaking new experiments:

Lego Lab

Jace doesn’t like the sort of toys that are small enough to choke on. Instead he does research into construction on a somewhat more macroscopic scale. Here he shows off his favorite size building block:

Big Lego

To further advance his investigations of the properties of Blue Monkey, he set up this equipment to do a 3D scan of said Monkey:

blue monkey scan

Then he intends to take the digitized representation of Blue Monkey and do a little rapid prototyping, making a copy of Blue Monkey with the 3D printer:

Printing a monkey

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