1 down. 8 to go?

November 19, 2007 12:29 pm
Posted by: heather

Well, I did it. I took my first architectural registration exam this morning. The question mark at the end of the title says it all. I have no clue if I passed or not. There was a lot of information on the test and, while I felt like I was familiar with most of it (only about 4 or 5 of the 105 questions did I have NO clue), there were lots of questions where i could narrow it down to 2 answers and then got kinda stuck. I now have to wait for the result. I will let you know.

A big thanks goes out to my little piglet. Jace must have realized that I had a big test this morning. He let me get a good night sleep in preparation by sleeping through the night (he has only done this a handful of times in his life!)

2 Responses to “1 down. 8 to go?”

Koos wrote a comment on November 19, 2007

Good luck! That test sounds like the bar exam, except eight times worse. Gah!

Stef wrote a comment on November 19, 2007

Good luck! Hopefully you will be able to check this one off your list and worry about the next one. When do you find out the results?

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