Must be frustrating

November 26, 2007 8:54 pm
Posted by: heather

It must be frustrating to be almost 5 months old. You are suddenly much more aware of the world around you but you are severely limited in what you can do. If you think about it, it really can’t be all that much fun playing with toys while lying on your back or on your stomach. Hard to really play with them. Your other options are to be strapped into a seat of some form and watching everyone else do things or, if you are really lucky, you get placed in an excersaucer where you can play with the same toys over and over again while everyone ignores you.

Jace decided to declare his frustration this weekend at my parents by being a very high maintance piglet who squealed at the top of his lungs every five minutes. Luckily there were 4 people who could take turns distracting him for another few minutes until he got bored of that activity and wanted to move on.

However, all this frustration must have driving Jace to the point where he decided the only way things were going to get better was if he did something about it himself. So he did.

On Sunday he could only sit for a couple of seconds before toppling over but this evening he sat for almost a minute before reaching for a toy and falling over as a result!

3 Responses to “Must be frustrating”

Stef wrote a comment on November 27, 2007

He is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing the picture.

Lance wrote a comment on November 27, 2007

Yay, another milestone. RJ seems to be on the same development track as Jace, this weekend he spent a lot of time trying to learn to sit and crawl too. I wonder if the extra time at home with mommy and daddy was part of it or if that was just a coincidence.

Deb wrote a comment on November 27, 2007

Go Jace! That is some awesome sitting up you are doing.

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