My first tooth!

December 1, 2007 8:12 pm
Posted by: heather

Yes, Jace has his first tooth. We have been waiting for it for a couple of weeks due to the increased crankiness, excessive drool and fingers constantly in his mouth but didn’t know if it really was imminent or not. Tonight we went to friends’ housewarming party and apparently Steve stuck his finger in Jace’s mouth at some point (yes, I have no clue why) and found the tooth. It is the bottom left front tooth. Just broke through the surface and feels very pointy! Karina also found her finger in Jace’s mouth at some point (this time I think Jace put it there) and confirmed it. Ironically, I had just an hour or so before told another friend, Virginie, that Jace had no teeth yet!

Another week, another milestone.

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