What a difference 2 months makes!

December 1, 2007 8:05 pm
Posted by: heather

When Jace was about 3 months old we took him out to dinner with our friend Deb. He was not a happy camper. We had been to plenty of lunch places but dinner was something we had never tried because he tended to cluster feed in the evening and was cranky. And, well, he was cranky at dinner. No, make that more than cranky. He cried through the whole thing, wanting to be walked around or rocked the entire time.

Two months later, it is now Deb’s birthday so we decide to give it another try and go out to dinner to celebrate. What a difference 2 months makes. Jace is now big enough to sit up in his little portable seat that Adam and Ashley got us (thanks!). And he flirted with all his neighbors and the waitstaff throughout dinner. A little chewing on the nose of his whosit and we had a happy piglet and a great dinner to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.

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