Splish Splash

December 11, 2007 8:45 pm
Posted by: heather

Tonight Jace took his customary bath in his infant tub which rests quite nicely in our kitchen sink. Never had a problem with this setup before but today Jace figured out how to splash with his feet! And was he ever having fun with it. Well, an infant tub doesn’t have much water but when resting in the kitchen sink there is no place for the splashing water to go but all over the counter, the floor and mom! Water, water everywhere!

Guess we need to graduate to a bath in the bathtub or at least putting his infant tub in the bathtub. Of course we have very stylish glass doors on our tub. Nice to look at but impossible to navigate around while trying to clean the tub, let alone cleaning a squirming baby. Guess I will have to hop in the bathtub with Jace until we can figure out if we can remove the doors without destroying the bathtub. Good thing my parents are coming down the weekend before Christmas. Perhaps they can help us figure it out.

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Holly Stephens wrote a comment on December 18, 2007

Our solution: Olen showers with Coby. We’ve given him a bath maybe twice, once he graduated from the baby-bathtub-in-sink. I, personally, am very nervous holding Coby in the shower–I feel like I’m going to drop him, he’s so slippery! But Olen loves it. So does Coby, it seems. Consequently, this is a job exclusively for Daddy at our house, which ain’t a bad thing.

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