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2 down. 7 to go?

January 23, 2008 8:49 pm

The title says it all. Despite having strep throat, I took my second exam this morning. PreDesign. It went okay. Time will tell if I passed. I am definitely taking at least a week off between this one and studying for the next. With the holidays thrown in between the first two, I started studying for this one right away and was thoroughly sick of it by the time exam time came. Construction Documents and Services is up next.

How to calm a squealing piglet (at 3am)

January 22, 2008 8:35 pm

rub his little feet. or try massaging the back of his neck.

warning – this might not work for a piglet of the farmyard variety.

Snap, Crackle, Pop and their brother Glop

January 12, 2008 10:45 am

There’s a reason that Snap Crackle and Pop never talk about their brother Glop. Seriously, the dude is a total flop.

We’ve all known since childhood that once S, C and P have all passed out from sitting in the milk too long, Glop is the guy that comes in and writes on their foreheads with a permanent marker. What we didn’t know, and is only just now coming to light, is that Glop has a day job, and he’s involved in a massive underground recycling operation. After the soggy leftover Rice Krispies from millions of kids have been poured from their millions of bowls down their millions of respective drains, the glop is recaptured, repackaged, and re-branded as Gerber Baby Rice Cereal. Babies who happen to be aware of this scheme and know the provenance of their mush are about as eager to eat it as you might expect.

I know that this is true, because Jace told me so, by putting his slobbery lips tightly together to prevent anything else from going in, and blowing out to eject anything that might have already sneaked into his mouth, going

Where has my baby bird gone?

January 8, 2008 9:57 pm

We started Jace on “solid” food a little after 5 months. The first couple of days he was confused then figured it out and was like a little baby bird, opening his mouth and chirping for more. It was very cute! After about a week and a half we tried oatmeal and he had a really hard time with it. I think because it is stickier he had a hard time swallowing it and it made him gag. After three days of him repeatedly gagging on it, I decided to switch back to rice cereal. Problem is he now associates solid food with gagging so he won’t eat ANY!

Eating at this point is really just practice since all his calories really come from milk but it is a little frustrating knowing that he CAN eat it, he just has a hangup. We are going to take a break for a little while and try again. I’m sure he will learn to eat solids before goes away to college.

Jace’s latest Stats

9:56 pm

Jace had his 6 month appointment on Friday. He is doing great and can now sit up independently, has 2 teeth, understands object permanence (if a toy falls on the floor, he knows to look for it rather than just assuming it is gone) and has tried solid food (more on that later). He weights 20lbs! and is 28″ tall! That keeps him in the 90% percentile for his age. He is not mobile yet except for when he in his crib and he inches forward from one end to the other during the night to smoosh his nose into the end! I’m sure that he will be crawling and walking way before we are ready for it! It is kinda nice knowing that I can put him down in one place and come back to find him still there.

He is a silly boy though. He had to get shots for this appointment and even though I tried to distract him, he insisted on watching our lovely nurse Laura giving him the shots. I mean, he really stared at the needle going into his leg all three times! Crazy boy. I hope he doesn’t start to associate Laura with pain because she is great and I would hate for him to cry whenever he sees her.

Where’s Bullwinkle?

9:54 pm

While we were in Colorado, Jace’s second cousins, Jackson and Nicholas came over to visit. Since Steve’s mom is the oldest of 11 and Jackson and Nicolas’ dad is the youngest, they aren’t much older than Jace. Jackson is 5 and Nicholas is 2. Their mom Renee brought us a few things the boys had grown out of, mostly winter hats. Our favorite has to be this one.

We are now wondering when Bullwinkle will show up to keep Jace company.

Let it Snow!

January 6, 2008 10:55 am

The forecast for when we were out in Colorado was for snow showers on Christmas Day and Thursday. Very little accumilation. 8″ on Christmas day and 6″ on Thursday later there was a lot of snow on the ground. We decided to introduce Jace to the fun things you can do in the snow.

He played in it      

He went skiing     

and tried sledding

At least he got to enjoy the snow, because we were unable to go skiing ourselves since the temperature at the ski resorts was 10 degrees with about -40 with the windchill!

Jace’s First Christmas – Part 2

10:45 am

On Christmas eve we headed out to Colorado. We took the evening Jet Blue flight, hoping that since it was after Jace’s bedtime he might sleep some. The first half of the flight he was far to interested in the flight attendant walking up and down the aisle and the tv for the woman sitting next to us. Eventually I managed to nurse him to sleep and he passed out until just before landing when I decided I needed to use the bathroom! He cried a little on the landing but I think that was more because I had rudely awoken him that because of the cabin pressure changes.

Once we got to Denver, Jace was very excited to meet his Grandpa and Grandma. Steve’s parents had tried to come out this fall to meeting him but since she is a preschool teacher, it was hard to find long weekend that worked for all of us. Jace also got to meet his two uncles, three cousins, two aunts (okay, he had met one before), and steve’s aunt and cousin who must have some official title but I have no clue what it is! It was a very full house for Christmas but we had a fabulous time. Again Jace was thrilled to eat wrapping paper and loves his new giraffe stick.

After a fun packed week, we flew home New Years Eve. The fabulous check-in lady saw that we were traveling with a baby and noticed that there was nobody in the window seat in our row so she split our seats in the hopes that nobody would take the middle seat. Even though it was a very full flight, her ploy worked and we got to take Jace on in his car seat. With a blanket draped over it, it was a nice dark warm cave and he slept the ENTIRE flight. Which was great since it was the red-eye. If we fly in the evening or night again, I think I will buy Jace a seat so he can sleep. Daytime might not be worth it since there is no way he would cooperate by sitting in his car seat awake for 4 hours.

Jace’s First Christmas – Part 1

9:54 am

Since we were headed out to Colorado for Christmas this year, my parents came down the weekend before to celebrate Jace’s first Christmas a couple of days early. Saturday night they generously babysat for us so Steve and I could go out for a nice dinner followed by “adult beverages” at a nearly bar with Deb. The next morning we begun the festivities. Jace quite enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and trying to eat it. He even seemed to like his new toys. Check out the pictures in the photo section to see some of what he got. He is one lucky little boy. Even his parent’s gift (a bike trailer) was really a gift for Jace too! We look forward to the warm weather so we can take him on an adventure via Steve’s favorite mode of transportation.

Goodbye Tummy Monster

January 5, 2008 9:28 pm

To our loyal readers – we bade farewell to Tummy Monster the other day…but don’t be sad, that means Xander is here! Check out his new webpage in our links section and congratulations to Stef and Koos. We can’t wait to meet you little guy.

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