Jace’s First Christmas – Part 1

January 6, 2008 9:54 am
Posted by: heather

Since we were headed out to Colorado for Christmas this year, my parents came down the weekend before to celebrate Jace’s first Christmas a couple of days early. Saturday night they generously babysat for us so Steve and I could go out for a nice dinner followed by “adult beverages” at a nearly bar with Deb. The next morning we begun the festivities. Jace quite enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper and trying to eat it. He even seemed to like his new toys. Check out the pictures in the photo section to see some of what he got. He is one lucky little boy. Even his parent’s gift (a bike trailer) was really a gift for Jace too! We look forward to the warm weather so we can take him on an adventure via Steve’s favorite mode of transportation.

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