Jace’s First Christmas – Part 2

January 6, 2008 10:45 am
Posted by: heather

On Christmas eve we headed out to Colorado. We took the evening Jet Blue flight, hoping that since it was after Jace’s bedtime he might sleep some. The first half of the flight he was far to interested in the flight attendant walking up and down the aisle and the tv for the woman sitting next to us. Eventually I managed to nurse him to sleep and he passed out until just before landing when I decided I needed to use the bathroom! He cried a little on the landing but I think that was more because I had rudely awoken him that because of the cabin pressure changes.

Once we got to Denver, Jace was very excited to meet his Grandpa and Grandma. Steve’s parents had tried to come out this fall to meeting him but since she is a preschool teacher, it was hard to find long weekend that worked for all of us. Jace also got to meet his two uncles, three cousins, two aunts (okay, he had met one before), and steve’s aunt and cousin who must have some official title but I have no clue what it is! It was a very full house for Christmas but we had a fabulous time. Again Jace was thrilled to eat wrapping paper and loves his new giraffe stick.

After a fun packed week, we flew home New Years Eve. The fabulous check-in lady saw that we were traveling with a baby and noticed that there was nobody in the window seat in our row so she split our seats in the hopes that nobody would take the middle seat. Even though it was a very full flight, her ploy worked and we got to take Jace on in his car seat. With a blanket draped over it, it was a nice dark warm cave and he slept the ENTIRE flight. Which was great since it was the red-eye. If we fly in the evening or night again, I think I will buy Jace a seat so he can sleep. Daytime might not be worth it since there is no way he would cooperate by sitting in his car seat awake for 4 hours.

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