Snap, Crackle, Pop and their brother Glop

January 12, 2008 10:45 am
Posted by: Steve Leibman

There’s a reason that Snap Crackle and Pop never talk about their brother Glop. Seriously, the dude is a total flop.

We’ve all known since childhood that once S, C and P have all passed out from sitting in the milk too long, Glop is the guy that comes in and writes on their foreheads with a permanent marker. What we didn’t know, and is only just now coming to light, is that Glop has a day job, and he’s involved in a massive underground recycling operation. After the soggy leftover Rice Krispies from millions of kids have been poured from their millions of bowls down their millions of respective drains, the glop is recaptured, repackaged, and re-branded as Gerber Baby Rice Cereal. Babies who happen to be aware of this scheme and know the provenance of their mush are about as eager to eat it as you might expect.

I know that this is true, because Jace told me so, by putting his slobbery lips tightly together to prevent anything else from going in, and blowing out to eject anything that might have already sneaked into his mouth, going

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