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Jace’s Army Crawl

February 17, 2008 11:50 am

Jace has suddenly figured out how to drag himself across the floor. In this video, he demonstrates his newfound expertise:

What’s for Dinner?

February 15, 2008 4:50 pm

Last night Jace slobbered on some zucchini sticks and ate one container of pears, a couple of spoonfuls of hummus and 1/3 of a rice cake! How did we get to this point?

Well, after realizing that Jace was only interested in eating solid food if he thought it was his idea, I did a little research on line. I came across a fairly new phenomenon call Baby Led Weaning. It’s name is rather a misnomer as it isn’t about weaning your child from breastmilk/formula but rather, letting your child learn to eat solids at their own pace, on their own terms. It seems to be most prevelant (atleast online) in the UK but I have also seen it mentioned on some US websites and newsgroups. Essentially you start giving your child steamed vegis and soft fruits and other easy finger foods on their highchair tray and let them explore and learn how to eat them on their own. Knowing Jace had eaten part of a rice cake before, we started with that and steamed zucchini. I am not sure how much of the zucchini he ate (although his diaper the next day showed some of it definitely got eaten) but he totally chowed on the rice cake. After a couple of days of this, Steve tried giving him a spoonful hummus while he was sitting there. Jace ate it. Food, from a spoon!

Next we decided to try an experiment. Since April managed to convince Jace to drink from a bottle the first day he was there, we thought we would see if we could elicit some more of that April magic. We sent him to daycare with a container of squash, full expecting that most of it would come home. Wouldn’t you know it, he ate it all. The next day, she tried again. Apparently this time he didn’t want it until she gave all the other kids spoons, then he was more than happy to have his spoon, food and all.

We are taking it slowly, but I am so excited that he is finally learning to eat. Who knows, maybe some day he will sleep more at night as a result.

Steve’s Big Party

February 10, 2008 11:48 am

You will notice from the last couple of posts that we have been much more social of late with people coming over. Well there is a reason for that. Steve is finally done with Grad School, so I have my husband back and Jace has his daddy to play with! To celebrate we hosted a party yesterday afternoon. I would say it was a huge success. Everyone seemed to have a good time, the food was all eaten and there were plenty of empty beer bottles and wine glasses by the the time everyone went home.

However, there were also some big signs as to how our lives have changed in the last couple of years. First the start time. In college parties started at 10pm. After college we dropped it back to 8pm because we realized we were getting older and had jobs to get to in the mornings. Now parties start around 4pm! This is because so many of our friends now have kids and they all need to get home to get them bed at a reasonable hour.

Speaking of children, Chuck noted that the last time he had come to a party at our house (probably a year and a half ago) there were maybe 2 or 3 kids. This time there was one 3yr old, two just over 1 year old, six under 1 year old, and several in utero! Just think how crazy it will be when those born in the last year start running around!

I have created a new photo folder for pictures of family and friends and added pictures from the party for all to see.

Giant Playdate

11:29 am

After the success of our playdate with William, we decided to host a giant playdate. Kate and Jeremy came over with their two boys, Thomas who is 3 and Benjamin who is 15 months and Adam and Ashley came with Oliver, who is 16 months. This one was probably more for us than Jace although he certainly enjoyed the older boys even though he really didn’t interact too much with them. I’m sure as he gets older he will look up to them and follow them everywhere, much to their frustration.

As well as catching up with friends, I had an ulterior motive to this playdate. I really wanted to see what Oliver and Benjamin got into at our house, so I would have an idea of some of the things we would need to babyproof. Oliver was the most adventurous of the two and was fascinated with glowing blue and red buttons on my computer. Which of course meant it got forcefully restarted and turned on and off. Gotta figure out a way to hid that! Thomas actually loved to ball popper toy that my brother and Mandy got Jace for Christmas and boy did those balls go everywhere. We definitely need to block the gaps under the entertainment center as it is really hard to get things out from underneath.

2 down, 7 to go!

11:14 am

Despite struggling to get over strep throat at the time, I managed to pass my second architectural exam…

Playing at a Playdate

11:12 am

Julia, William, Jace and I have had many playdates since the Jace was about 6 weeks old. However, the last one was the first time they actually really played together rather than just sitting/sleeping/eating while their mommies chatted. Jace really wasn’t quite sure what to think. He is used to sharing toys at daycare with Tyler but seeing somebody playing with his toys was a little unsettling at first.

But after a while he decided it was okay and started to play.

And eventually Jace felt comfortable enough to go after the same toys.

Jace is a little bigger than William but I would say William definitely held his own. We look forward to many more playdates in the future. Next time we will probably head over to Julia and Nicolas’ so Jace will get a bunch of new toys to explore for an afternoon.

Jace’s food preferences

February 4, 2008 12:21 pm

We’re beginning to see an inverse relationship between what’s good for a person and what they enjoy…

Food item Level of appropriateness Jace’s opinion
Baby food – squash Made for babies Hates it. Gross
Baby food – applesauce Made for babies Hates it. Gross
Baby food – pears Made for babies Hates it so much that he actually made himself gag and vomit before it got past his lips
Guacamole Varies in appropriateness, depending on what ingredients are in the guacamole Mixed results. Loved the guacamole with the most seasoning
Popcorn Choking hazard (I made an effort to mitigate the risk by manually separating the fluff from the kernels) Yum. Loves it
Hummus Excess salt (as exists in the store-bought variety) is supposed to be very bad for babies Loves it. Wolfs it down.
Empty beer bottles Empty bottles don’t provide much sustenance, and droplets of beer probably not appropriate. Absolute favorite
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