Jace’s food preferences

February 4, 2008 12:21 pm
Posted by: Steve Leibman

We’re beginning to see an inverse relationship between what’s good for a person and what they enjoy…

Food item Level of appropriateness Jace’s opinion
Baby food – squash Made for babies Hates it. Gross
Baby food – applesauce Made for babies Hates it. Gross
Baby food – pears Made for babies Hates it so much that he actually made himself gag and vomit before it got past his lips
Guacamole Varies in appropriateness, depending on what ingredients are in the guacamole Mixed results. Loved the guacamole with the most seasoning
Popcorn Choking hazard (I made an effort to mitigate the risk by manually separating the fluff from the kernels) Yum. Loves it
Hummus Excess salt (as exists in the store-bought variety) is supposed to be very bad for babies Loves it. Wolfs it down.
Empty beer bottles Empty bottles don’t provide much sustenance, and droplets of beer probably not appropriate. Absolute favorite

3 Responses to “Jace’s food preferences”

Deb wrote a comment on February 4, 2008

….are you telling me your son likes to eat glass more than he likes to eat squash? Surprising that glass does not make him gag as much as pears do….

Kiri wrote a comment on February 4, 2008

I think somewhere we have a pic of Danielle with her mouth on Brendon’s nearly full beer bottle. Does that make us bad parents?

Cheryl wrote a comment on February 6, 2008

Have you tried baby sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, or peas? RJ loves all of them (although that doesn’t mean that Jace will). Squash is next on RJ’s food trying queue. Sometimes the pears and apples are too tart for babies even though we perceive them as sweet and yummy. (I was very happy when RJ left me a tiny bit of pears in his jar this morning.) My baby puree book actually suggests putting a little cinnamon in the apples and pears to give it a little flavor – plus babies supposedly LOVE cinnamon. You could also try vanilla (if you cook it to get the alcohol out of it or have a non-alcoholic variety).

Also if hummus is a favorite and you’re worried about salt, you could cook up some dried chickpeas and mash them without the salt.

I have no advice on the beer bottle fixation…how cute though!

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