Skiing Weekend

March 10, 2008 9:10 pm
Posted by: heather

The weekend of my birthday we took our annual trek up to Sunday River, Maine to go skiing. Last year I missed out, being pregnant. I was a little nervous about going this year but decided we should give it a try. What was the worse thing that could happen? Jace crying all weekend?

Well I am happy to report that honor went to poor Miss Eleanor who had a little fever and was probably trying to push through a tooth or two. She was a sad little kid but she survived. Everyone else had a fabulous time including Jace. Friday morning Steve drove up with Scott, Charlotte and Virginie so they could get an afternoon of skiing in. Kelly and I followed later in the morning with a nice leisurely lunch at Pizza Hut to give Jace a break from the car ride.

Once we got to Maine, Kelly, Jace and I fulfilled our duty of scouting out seats at the bar and waited for the skiers and Matt and Ellie to arrive. After couple of beers, we were allowed to check into our condo. Despite being rather pregnant, Kelly (and Scott) offered to sleep on the pullout couch mattress on the floor while Steve, Jace and I got one bedroom and Matt, V, Charlotte and Ellie got the other one. We really appreciated it as Jace goes to bed at 7:30 so it was nice to have a quiet spot to put him down.

The next morning I got to ski then, after lunch in the condo, Steve took the afternoon skiing shift. We managed to hook our ski ticket up in such a way that we could switch it from one jacket to another. Horribly illegal I am sure but we got to sell our extra ticket as a result. The next morning I was back out on the runs although skiing a little slower and much more sore than the day before. Turns out when haven’t skied in almost 2 years and haven’t really worked out in a year and half, skiing is really hard work! While I was hitting the slopes, Steve and Jace decided to try out cross country skiing together. Jace had a great time up in the frame backpack, entertaining himself by trying to take his mittens off. Kelly followed behind to scoop up the escapees.

After lunch we headed back to Boston and the snow that had fallen there. Jace was happy to make a pitstop at Scott and Kelly’s for a little snack and to check out their newly painted nursery for baby-to-be while Scott snowplowed the driveway so Steve could get his car out. Boston actually got much more snow than Maine did that weekend. Skiing on icy slopes didn’t help with the sore muscles but it did bring back memories of night skiing in New Jersey when I was in high school!

I would say the weekend was a great success. The condo was a little small for all those people but everyone was a good sport about the whole thing and I would do it again next year.

Check out the newly added pictures for a shot of Jace ready to hit the slopes.

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