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Welcoming Henry Stuart Sim

April 25, 2008 8:52 pm

Jace has a new cousin. Henry Stuart Sim was born Wednesday night in LA. We are happy to welcome him to this world and introduce him and his new website (which he shares with Big Sis, Lexie).

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8:47 pm

That is how long Jace can now stand on his own without holding on. He has been practicing hard all week. Of course if he accidentally moves a muscle, he immediately falls on his butt. But if he tries really hard, with the utmost of concentration, he can stand upright by himself.

Oh, and he has also finally learned to crawl on his hands and knees. And he is even quicker that way than with the army crawl, which is pretty scary as he already moved at a good clip.

Jace is afraid of What?

8:42 pm

Jace loves being outside. Always has. When he was first born, often the only way we could get him to calm down if he was upset was to take a walk around the block. Our daycare provider has a backyard that they go play in and he loves sitting outside in the stroller, watching the big kids run around.

So last weekend it FINALLY stopped raining. I decided to take Jace outside to play for a little while because I was so sick of being cooped up inside each weekend. We put on his little baseball cap and walked down the driveway and around for a few minutes until I decided that he was just too heavy. We went into our little backyard and sat down on the grass. Jace then spent the next couple of minutes trying to figure out if he could balance on his butt and lift both feet in the air at the same time. Turns out he is afraid of the grass!!!

He quickly realized that balancing wasn’t going to work and crawled into my lap and sat there quite contentedly. This is a kid who doesn’t like sitting still and will crawl off your lap about 2 seconds after you pull him in for a cuddle. This time he didn’t make a move. He refused to budge. Even when I tried to get him to stand up (his favorite activity these days), he immediately tried to climb all over me like a little baboon. Guess I know where to go next time I want a cuddle from my squirmy little boy.

Oh the things I can do!

April 6, 2008 8:36 pm

Jace is now 9 months old and boy has he grown. First off he weighs 22lbs 12 1/2 oz! While that may sound (and feel) very heavy, he has actually slipped a little in the weight charts. He was 90th percentile and now he is somewhere around 85th.  He is also 29 3/4″ tall which is above 90th percentile and puts him in 12-18 month pants from Old Navy!

As you can see from the earlier posts, he is army crawling like a mad man. He can really take off when he has somewhere to go. He get into a sitting position from his tummy and pull himself to standing. And more importantly, in the last week he has learned how to sit back down again! Before that he got stuck and would cry until you helped him down. He still hesitates a little as he gets up the nerve to plunk down on his butt but he gets there. He isn’t quite cruising yet although he does slowly make his way down the edge of the coffee table as he plays.

After a slow start to solid food, he is eating up a storm. Fruit is definitely his favorite, along with rice cakes, guacamole, and hummus. He enjoys carrots, sweet potato and squash and will eat peas and green beans at daycare along with oatmeal and rice cereal. At home he refuses to let me feed him cereal, oatmeal or green beans and I refuse to feed him peas as the smell of them makes me gag. Takes me back to the elementary school cafeteria and the smell of mushy overcooked peas. Not a fond memory! Oh yeah, he also likes plain yogurt. We are still avoiding wheat since Steve was allergic to it as a kid so we are starting to experiment with other grains such as quinoa and rice/potato pasta (thank goodness for Whole Foods!). We also just bought him some “Bunny Love” cereal which is like Cheerios but all oat. Actually it reminds me of dried cat food but don’t tell Jace. He seemed to love it at dinner.

I have also posted a bunch of new pictures in the photo section so enjoy!

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ARC. 3 down, 6 to go!

7:46 pm

I am now an ARC. I passed my third architecture exam. There are nine tests, nine letters in architect, hense the ARC. Next up is the first of the three graphics exams. This means that not only do I need to understand the content being tested, but I have to learn their silly cadd program. It isn’t autocad but something they made up to be equally annoying to all users.

Little Baboon

7:44 pm

Yes, another animal! Jace has started clinging to us when we hold him. Either wrapping his arm around ours if he is down low, or putting his arm around the back of our necks when he is up on our shoulders. He is like a little baboon, clinging to it’s mommy. Very cute and it feels like a real hug!

Piglet goes swimming!

7:41 pm

Friday night we met us with The Gregory’s at the Arlington Boys and Girls club for family swim. They have been going for a while and suggested we might like to give it a try with Jace. I ran out to the store to buy swim diapers and a cute swimsuit for Jace (can’t have him looking unfashionable for his big swim debut! They are orange hawaiian print – or a Thomas said, Trader Joes shorts!).

He was a little unsure of the water, clinging on tightly to whichever parent was holding him, but didn’t cry at all. He was watching Thomas jumping into the pool and Benjamin playing in the water with much interest. He didn’t really like it when they accidentally splashed him, which amused me because he managed to completely soak me when he was splashing in the bathtub on Wednesday night. In fact, right as we were about to get out of the pool, he realized that it was just like a big bathtub and he started splashing away, huge smile on his face.

We had a nice dinner with The Gregory’s after swimming at Krazy Karry’s and it was fun to catch up. I can’t believe Thomas is almost four! I definitely think we will go again.

Midget Party

7:23 pm

For those who read Xander’s Blog, you already know that last weekend we hosted a midget party. Our friends Lance and Cheryl were in town with their son RJ (who also has a Blog linked on this site). They came all the way from California and none of us had met RJ yet so we decided that we needed to host a party for him. So we emailed all the parents of small children who live in the area and invited the midgets to a party. The parents got to come by default since I don’t know any 3 month olds who can get to a party on their own.

We had a quite a gathering with Xander (2 1/2 months), Ryan (4 months), Lilia (4 1/2 months), Jace (9 months) and RJ (9 1/2 months). Jace and RJ had lots of fun playing on the floor together, showing off their tricks and skills. The little ones seemed quite amused watching their antics. The parents enjoyed having an afternoon where we could talk all we wanted about all things baby without worrying that we were alienating non-parents. For more pictures, check out the friends and family section.

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