Oh the things I can do!

April 6, 2008 8:36 pm
Posted by: heather

Jace is now 9 months old and boy has he grown. First off he weighs 22lbs 12 1/2 oz! While that may sound (and feel) very heavy, he has actually slipped a little in the weight charts. He was 90th percentile and now he is somewhere around 85th.  He is also 29 3/4″ tall which is above 90th percentile and puts him in 12-18 month pants from Old Navy!

As you can see from the earlier posts, he is army crawling like a mad man. He can really take off when he has somewhere to go. He get into a sitting position from his tummy and pull himself to standing. And more importantly, in the last week he has learned how to sit back down again! Before that he got stuck and would cry until you helped him down. He still hesitates a little as he gets up the nerve to plunk down on his butt but he gets there. He isn’t quite cruising yet although he does slowly make his way down the edge of the coffee table as he plays.

After a slow start to solid food, he is eating up a storm. Fruit is definitely his favorite, along with rice cakes, guacamole, and hummus. He enjoys carrots, sweet potato and squash and will eat peas and green beans at daycare along with oatmeal and rice cereal. At home he refuses to let me feed him cereal, oatmeal or green beans and I refuse to feed him peas as the smell of them makes me gag. Takes me back to the elementary school cafeteria and the smell of mushy overcooked peas. Not a fond memory! Oh yeah, he also likes plain yogurt. We are still avoiding wheat since Steve was allergic to it as a kid so we are starting to experiment with other grains such as quinoa and rice/potato pasta (thank goodness for Whole Foods!). We also just bought him some “Bunny Love” cereal which is like Cheerios but all oat. Actually it reminds me of dried cat food but don’t tell Jace. He seemed to love it at dinner.

I have also posted a bunch of new pictures in the photo section so enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Oh the things I can do!”

Xander Howell wrote a comment on April 7, 2008

I like this blog because it keeps me informed of what my buddy Jace is up to.

Saru wrote a comment on April 8, 2008

I like the blog – although I’m starting to feel bad about not having one for Ryan. I may just get off my butt and do it one of these days.

Holly Stephens wrote a comment on April 9, 2008

It’s fun to read what you and Steve and Jace are up to! (I hope you also enjoy the pix/videos I send.) Coby’s reached the “clinging like a baboon” stage, too, when I try to put him in his crib for a nap. Then he wails as if the world is about to end, for <5 min., then he settles himself down and falls asleep.

Deb wrote a comment on April 9, 2008

Oooo yay Jace can experience “Cheerios” I was starting to feel badly for him.

Lance wrote a comment on April 10, 2008

Definitely. RJ just started doing the baboon this past week too so it is fun to see what clever animal analogies you come up with since they are so close in age.

Robin wrote a comment on April 11, 2008

I love reading this blog and seeing all the pictures of Jace.

Although I’ve got to tell you that I read this post about him eating solid food and then went to the photos section and the first one I saw was of Jace with the elephant in his mouth. Not exactly solid food, but that is immediately where my mind went and I just started laughing.

Justin wrote a comment on April 16, 2008

I like this blog so I can catch up with you guys AND procrastinate at work at the same time. Wahoo! It’s also a looking glass into the future life of Ryan…though, what is a looking glass exactly? Or is it just an expression? Can you ask questions here, or am I breaking all sorts of blog rules?

I hope I didn’t ruin your blog Jace. I’ll stop now.

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