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Socks go on your feet

May 29, 2008 11:20 am

The other day Jace managed to kick his shoe off and pull off his sock. Usually when he does this, the sock immediately goes into his mouth. But this time he tried to put it back on his foot. Of coursing putting socks on is not exactly an easy task but the clear understanding that the sock somehow went there amazed me. After a minute or so of draping the sock this way and that, he gave up and put it on his head in a guaranteed make mommy laugh move.

What time is it?

May 21, 2008 8:17 pm

So when Jace first started to go to sleep at 7:30 he would wake up in the morning at 7am (he also woke up twice a night to eat but that isn’t the point). He then started waking up at 6:30 which I though wasn’t so bad as that is when I wake up anyways. Then it was 6am which wasn’t great. Now he wakes up at 5:30 which just sucks. Well,  more for Steve than me as he gets up to play with him in the mornings. Although Jace has also started sleeping through the night which means I get up first to feed him, then Steve takes over. I did purchase some temporary room darkening shades to put up in his room so we shall see if that helps.

Balls Balls Balls

7:50 pm

Jace’s favorite toys these days seem to be balls. He loves the small balls that rattle that came with his cement mixer toy. He likes to hug and throw his soccer ball (someday we will teach him that he is supposed to use his feet with a soccer ball, unless of course he wants to be a goalie). And he is fascinated by the ball popper that blows balls into the air and back down the track. He also has continued his golfing using a wooden spoon to push balls around the living room.

What is so magical about 1 years old?

May 18, 2008 10:42 am

Not that I won’t be happy to celebrate when Jace turns one, but what is so magical about that 1 year mark? All of a sudden he is “allowed” to eat strawberries, egg white, wheat, citrus foods, tomatoes and so much more. In addition he now qualifies to switch from breastmilk (or formula) to cows milk. Not that we will quit cold turkey the day he turns one. Although I will be quickly weaning myself off that damn pump!

People have started to ask me what we are doing to celebrate his birthday. Are we having a party? I don’t know the answer to that question (we are away the weekend of july 4th and probably away the weekend before too) but it has led to many more in my mind. How do I convince a boy who eats some solid food, but not a vast selection, that he should now be getting a majority of his calories that way? He loves to feed himself finger food but so far it is canned peaches, steam carrots, rice cakes, toast sticks (occasionally), pasta (occasionally), cheese and cheerios. Not exactly a balanced diet. I am trying to add new things but he refuses any meat however soft or sliced and, to be honest, I’m not sure what else to try. We did try roasted vegis but he only ate the potato and carrots. With being fed, baby food is tolerated (fruits are less of a battle than vegis), while hummus and guac are still his favorites.

Also for the milk – bottle, sippy cup, or straw cup? It seems to be recommended to wean babies off the bottles as early as you can because otherwise they tend to get rather attached. And Jace does get a sippy cup of water for dinner. Not that he drinks much, mostly he lets it run out his mouth and throws the cup on the floor. He is fascinated by my straw cup (camelback flip top bottle) and seems to work it pretty well so maybe I will just find him a straw cup.

These are the thoughts that run through my head these days as we get closer to the one year mark. Still over a month to go but his friends are hitting it one by one (Tyler at daycare, William, and RJ) so it is on my mind. Any of you experienced moms out there who have some ideas or suggestion, please let me know.


May 17, 2008 11:39 am

Yes, Jace has finally figured out how to say something other than dadadadada. It he didn’t figure it out until a couple of days after mother’s day but just hearing him say it brings a smile to my face.

The new friday night watering hole

11:37 am

So it used to be that on a Friday night, you met up with your friends at the local watering hole, ie the bar. Well we have a new watering hole, and this once contains, well, water! We took Jace swimming again at the Arlington Boy’s and Girls Club for their family swim night. While there we met up with a number of friends and their kids. Even stranger is the realization that it is a small small world after all.

When Steve came back from his epic bike ride to Mexico, he needed a place to live. He found a guy in Arlington, Jan, who was looking for a short term roommate. (Jan is from Belgium). We we ran into Jan at the family swim with his wife and two kids. Okay, small world but not that strange. Except it turns out that Jan knows Kate and Jeremy (who were also at family swim) because their boys went to daycare together. Then Steve asked Jan where he had been working and he responded Millenium. Well we know one guy who used to work there, Zach, but he just moved to The Netherlands. Turns out Jan knows Zach too.

Jace says Happy Birthday to his daddy’s daddy

May 13, 2008 6:23 am

Jace says Happy Birthday to his daddy’s daddy [video with sound]

Meeting Milestones

May 4, 2008 6:39 pm

I have been reading “What to Expect the First Year” each month as Jace grows older. (Note: for those who were warned away from the “What to Expect” series when pregnant as it can be rather alarmist and scary, the “First Year” book is much better in that sense. Although, if I had baby proofed my house to the level they suggest, I think we would be sitting in an empty, but padded, room right now :) )

Every month I start out by rereading the section at the beginning the previous month’s chapter that lists what your child should, could and might possibly be able to do by the end of the month. This month I read it out loud to Jace, asking him if he had met his milestone goals of the month prior. He had successfully complete all of the shoulds and most of the coulds. However, he must have been felt that he hadn’t achieve all that he could because in the last week he has mastered clapping, waving bye-bye and “playing ball”.  He may now proceed to the head of the class.

You little monkey….

May 3, 2008 8:25 pm

Today Jace showed a streak of rebellion that I didn’t know how to respond to. While eating dinner he looked me straight in the eyes then deliberately threw his bread and sippy cup on the floor. He has dropped them before but it was more accidentally while playing with them. This was no accident. I tried to look him back in the eyes and sternly tell him that we don’t throw food or our cups but he didn’t seem very impressed.

Standing on my own two feet

8:22 pm

I guess it is the plight of a working mom. The other day Jace had a “first” at daycare that I missed. But he was happy to repeat the act that evening when we got home. He managed to get himself to standing without pulling up on anything!

When April had told me of his accomplishment I thought he must have gotten up when he was kneeling on one knee (think like a man kneels when he proposes) but no. He actually uses his hands to push himself up in a kind of reverse jack knife position, like a yoga pose. It is rather odd to watch and he has only done it a couple of times but it goes to show how quickly they learn and grow.

He has also been practicing his headstands (two feet and a head on the ground) Very cute. I am trying to capture it on film.

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