Meeting Milestones

May 4, 2008 6:39 pm
Posted by: heather

I have been reading “What to Expect the First Year” each month as Jace grows older. (Note: for those who were warned away from the “What to Expect” series when pregnant as it can be rather alarmist and scary, the “First Year” book is much better in that sense. Although, if I had baby proofed my house to the level they suggest, I think we would be sitting in an empty, but padded, room right now :) )

Every month I start out by rereading the section at the beginning the previous month’s chapter that lists what your child should, could and might possibly be able to do by the end of the month. This month I read it out loud to Jace, asking him if he had met his milestone goals of the month prior. He had successfully complete all of the shoulds and most of the coulds. However, he must have been felt that he hadn’t achieve all that he could because in the last week he has mastered clapping, waving bye-bye and “playing ball”.  He may now proceed to the head of the class.

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Eileen wrote a comment on May 5, 2008

Can he play with sticks yet?:)

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