The new friday night watering hole

May 17, 2008 11:37 am
Posted by: heather

So it used to be that on a Friday night, you met up with your friends at the local watering hole, ie the bar. Well we have a new watering hole, and this once contains, well, water! We took Jace swimming again at the Arlington Boy’s and Girls Club for their family swim night. While there we met up with a number of friends and their kids. Even stranger is the realization that it is a small small world after all.

When Steve came back from his epic bike ride to Mexico, he needed a place to live. He found a guy in Arlington, Jan, who was looking for a short term roommate. (Jan is from Belgium). We we ran into Jan at the family swim with his wife and two kids. Okay, small world but not that strange. Except it turns out that Jan knows Kate and Jeremy (who were also at family swim) because their boys went to daycare together. Then Steve asked Jan where he had been working and he responded Millenium. Well we know one guy who used to work there, Zach, but he just moved to The Netherlands. Turns out Jan knows Zach too.

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