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1 year appointment – Sort of…

June 25, 2008 5:39 pm

Did you know that in order to have your one year shots, you have to actually be over 1 year old? 5 days shy of your first birthday and you can’t have them. Apparently the lady who rebooked our appointment when I said we were going to be out of town didn’t know it either. We went in for Jace’s one year appointment today and came home with a new appointment for 3 weeks for now for shots.

We did get all the other well baby stuff taken care of so I am happy to report that Jace is a healthy almost one year old who is 31 1/2″ tall (yes, tall rather than long. He got measured standing up for the first time). He also is the same weight as his cousin who just turned 2. He weights in at a whopping 25lbs (no wonder my back hurts!). Actually he is tracking straight along the 90% curves so his weight is just fine. We are going to start slowly introducing wheat (keeping our fingers crossed that all this waiting paid off and he isn’t allergic like Steve was) and cow’s milk. At some point we need to buy him some shoes since the giraffe ones are getting rather tight (one top because he has fat feet, not length wise) and if he is walking around outside his feet need some protection.

We will keep you updated on how it all goes.

Jace meets his match

June 20, 2008 8:38 pm

In case you haven’t noticed, Jace is not exactly small for his age. At daycare he is definitely bigger than Tyler who is a month and half older, and he weighs a lot more that William who is 3 weeks older. Today we had a playdate with various friends and I was a little worried that Jace would try to wrestle Eleanor like he did William last we saw him. But today Jace met his match. Eleanor is 2 months older and is about the same size as Jace. And, since she is 2 months older, is a little more mobile. While we were at the park, Eleanor snuck up on Jace. We all thought she was giving him a hug from behind until she body slammed him to the ground. Suddenly my big boy was a little humbled…You Go Girl!

My little boy

8:29 pm

Today was Jace’s first haircut. While I have managed to trim his hair a little around the ears and in the back, he was getting really shaggy and, as Nick pointed out, he was getting a mullet since his hair is so much thicker in the back than on top.

Now all the hair is fun to play with in the bath

But it was time for a trim. We went to SnipIts (a kid’s haircutting chain around here) because he squirmed so much when I was trimming his hair I was afraid if I cut it that he would be missing an ear, not to mention it being rather uneven.

He had no problem there, especially once I gave him his favorite wooden spoon to hold.

Here is the final look. He is really growing up fast.

I don’t know that we will go back there again. It isn’t cheap and our daycare provider has a family friend who comes and cuts a couple of the kids hair. I think we will try to get in on that deal. See how much the haircut lady charges. But I really wanted to be there for the first big chop.

Putting the baby-proofing to the test

June 17, 2008 7:12 pm

For quite some time now, we’ve had all the major dangerous and fragile items protected to what seems to be a sensible degree. Many things are totally inaccessible, but we intentionally left latches off a few of the safer cabinets, and left things like the CD rack out as an experiment in teaching Jace that the limits of what he’s allowed to reach may be more restrictive than the limits of what he’s capable of reaching.

Lately Jace has been achieving new levels of mobility and curiosity (more on mobility in the next post), and he’s been putting the baby-proofing to the test.

Here’s what he does when he thinks nobody’s looking:

1. Get into all the accessible cabinets:

Image: Jace in cabinets

2: Get into all the accessible drawers:

Image: Jace in drawers

3: Figure out how to work the tap on the kegerator:

Image: Jace at kegerator tap

4: Make absolutely sure that if something comes out of the kegerator tap, he’ll manage to get it:

Image: Hooked up to the kegerator

For those concerned viewers, the answer is no — there is no beer hooked up to the tap. Nor has there been any time that Jace has been around… I guess he just knows that there should be.

Birthday Cakes and lessons learned.

June 14, 2008 6:21 pm

Today we went to two birthday celebrations. Thomas’ fourth birthday in the morning and William’s first birthday in the afternoon. We had a ton of fun and learned a couple of important lessons that I wanted to share.

1. A child who only gets at 1 1/2 hr nap and then spends the entire day over stimulated with tons of people is a very cranky child once he comes home.

2. Small kids can give as good as they take. William is several pounds smaller than Jace but when got there, the two boys were happy to see each other. They started to roll around of the floor, some combination of hugging and wrestling. I was afraid Jace would squash William but there was definitely one point where William had Jace in retreat.

3. Never do a chocolate cake for your kid’s first birthday unless you are sure he isn’t allergic to chocolate. Poor William seemed to be enjoying his cake until he broke out into a rash all over his face. Hopefully the benedryl worked and he is doing better now. Happy birthday kiddo.

The beginning of an end?

6:17 pm

I was going to write this post on Thursday at work but unfortunately we had no power (boy do I have a clean desk now!). The story is a little different now but I think it still is worth telling even just for those with younger kids who might go through similar things.

Jace has always been a very good nurser. Once we got past some initial latch issues, he slurped away happily. Actually, he always slurped happily, it was me who wasn’t happy in the beginning! We are now down to eating 5 times a day. When he first wakes up, when he goes to bed and 3 bottles at daycare. I have been typically pumping 2 times a day at work and while at first I was keeping up, Jace soon out drank me and we were supplementing with a little formula mixed with breastmilk.

I have been getting really tired of pumping lately and my supply has been dwindling but it has been my goal to try to make it to one year. It is very frustrating to sit there in my closet at work and pump for 15 minutes only to get half what I used to get. Then the other day Jace started to get frustrated in the evenings because he would nurse and still be hungry since I had so little milk and I would have to give him a bottle anyways. I decided that I would experiment and cut down to once a day at work to see if that gave me a bigger supply in the evenings. My long term plan was to switch him to regular milk during the day after one year but still nurse in the mornings and evenings for a little while longer to ease the transition and because we both still seem to be enjoying it. Wednesday I did just that but when it came time to go to bed, Jace flat out refused to nurse and just wanted a bottle (instant gratification). I was crushed. Was this the beginning of an end? Was he starting to wean on his own? What was going to happen to my well thought out plan?

Since we had no power at work on Thursday, I only got to pump once anyway since I had to come home for lunch to pump (the advantage of living 1 1/2 miles from work). Thursday night we tried again and Jace actually latched on and was patient enough to wait for my letdown. And by the end he seemed perfectly satiated so I guess my plan worked out after all. We shall see how it goes but for now he is getting more formula at daycare and I only have to visit my closet once a day which feels very freeing.

Doing the 2 step

June 10, 2008 1:58 pm

This weekend Jace reached another milestone. We were hanging out in the backyard with Grandma and Grandpa who were in town for Steve’s graduation from MIT. For a while Jace was occupying himself by picking grass and clover flowers and either trying to eat them or putting it in Steve’s glass. It was really really freakin hot here this weekend so Jace was skillfully drinking iced water out of his sippy cup all afternoon. At one point he decided to take a break from grass picking and pulled himself up to standing using Steve as a prop. He then turned around and took two steps BY HIMSELF to me to get his cup that I was holding out to him. Not long now before my baby officially becomes a toddler.

Summer parties

June 8, 2008 12:06 pm

The weather made a sudden change to heat and humidity this weekend, and Jace got the opportunity to cool off in the pool at Chuck and Monica’s barbecue. Despite what it may look like in this photo, he was overjoyed to take a dip with a bunch of girls:

Image: Jace in the pool

In fact, he stayed longer than anybody, waiting until he was alone with the last dedicated party girl (don’t tell Allison’s parents):

Image: Jace in the pool 2

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