Birthday Cakes and lessons learned.

June 14, 2008 6:21 pm
Posted by: heather

Today we went to two birthday celebrations. Thomas’ fourth birthday in the morning and William’s first birthday in the afternoon. We had a ton of fun and learned a couple of important lessons that I wanted to share.

1. A child who only gets at 1 1/2 hr nap and then spends the entire day over stimulated with tons of people is a very cranky child once he comes home.

2. Small kids can give as good as they take. William is several pounds smaller than Jace but when got there, the two boys were happy to see each other. They started to roll around of the floor, some combination of hugging and wrestling. I was afraid Jace would squash William but there was definitely one point where William had Jace in retreat.

3. Never do a chocolate cake for your kid’s first birthday unless you are sure he isn’t allergic to chocolate. Poor William seemed to be enjoying his cake until he broke out into a rash all over his face. Hopefully the benedryl worked and he is doing better now. Happy birthday kiddo.

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Julia wrote a comment on June 16, 2008

Hi Heather! Yes, William recovered quite quickly from the hives. Nick called the MD on call during the party (exactly what one wants to do at one’s son’s first birthday) and we were relieved to discover that the chocolate was actually the LEAST likely thing to call the rash. And, once we washed him off, the rash went away, so it was actually something topical rather than ingested. All so WEIRD!! We’re off to our one-year appointment shortly so we’ll see what Dr. McCarty has to say. Thanks for coming on Saturday–it’s so much fun to see how much Jace and William have grown!!

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