My little boy

June 20, 2008 8:29 pm
Posted by: heather

Today was Jace’s first haircut. While I have managed to trim his hair a little around the ears and in the back, he was getting really shaggy and, as Nick pointed out, he was getting a mullet since his hair is so much thicker in the back than on top.

Now all the hair is fun to play with in the bath

But it was time for a trim. We went to SnipIts (a kid’s haircutting chain around here) because he squirmed so much when I was trimming his hair I was afraid if I cut it that he would be missing an ear, not to mention it being rather uneven.

He had no problem there, especially once I gave him his favorite wooden spoon to hold.

Here is the final look. He is really growing up fast.

I don’t know that we will go back there again. It isn’t cheap and our daycare provider has a family friend who comes and cuts a couple of the kids hair. I think we will try to get in on that deal. See how much the haircut lady charges. But I really wanted to be there for the first big chop.

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rachel wrote a comment on June 23, 2008

Wow, he looks so grown up – and stylin’!

Lance wrote a comment on June 23, 2008

That’s funny… we took RJ to SnipIts for his first haircut on his birthday (the 19th). We reached pretty much the same conclusion, fun place and good at distracting him to get the job done but probably not worth the price tag.

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