1 year appointment – Sort of…

June 25, 2008 5:39 pm
Posted by: heather

Did you know that in order to have your one year shots, you have to actually be over 1 year old? 5 days shy of your first birthday and you can’t have them. Apparently the lady who rebooked our appointment when I said we were going to be out of town didn’t know it either. We went in for Jace’s one year appointment today and came home with a new appointment for 3 weeks for now for shots.

We did get all the other well baby stuff taken care of so I am happy to report that Jace is a healthy almost one year old who is 31 1/2″ tall (yes, tall rather than long. He got measured standing up for the first time). He also is the same weight as his cousin who just turned 2. He weights in at a whopping 25lbs (no wonder my back hurts!). Actually he is tracking straight along the 90% curves so his weight is just fine. We are going to start slowly introducing wheat (keeping our fingers crossed that all this waiting paid off and he isn’t allergic like Steve was) and cow’s milk. At some point we need to buy him some shoes since the giraffe ones are getting rather tight (one top because he has fat feet, not length wise) and if he is walking around outside his feet need some protection.

We will keep you updated on how it all goes.

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Holly wrote a comment on July 2, 2008

Hey Heather,

We just got Coby some Pediped sandals, which are nice and wide (Coby’s feet are practically square!) and flexible-soled. It’s been hard to find flexible soled shoes that aren’t a million bucks (your options also include Tredz, the toddler version of Robeez, See Kai Run, and believe it or not Wal-Mart has some George brand baby shoes in the baby section (not the shoe section) that are $10 and flexible and great! But they only go up to size 5). The Pedipeds were less expensive than Tredz/See Kai Run.

Good luck.

Jen Beck wrote a comment on July 25, 2008

Yeah, the one-year thing is a mild annoyance. The other annoying thing is that, with most insurance, you have to wait at least 365 days for year-to-year appointments. For me, that means I have to try to remember, for four kids, on what day their birthday well visit was A YEAR AGO when trying to schedule the current birthday well visit. And, as much as we love our ped, they seem to be annoyed to have to look it up.

amybeth wrote a comment on August 15, 2008

Well, back in the OLD DAYS they would do it, but then make you get repeats of the shots that you got at that visit (MMR) when you are 15 and there is a Mealsles outbreak at a college located within the state in which you live but at least an hour away by car, and HELLO you are 15 and not attending the college anyway nor around said category of person on any type of basis.

a person who had their 1-year-old well-visit on 9/18/1975 :(

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