August 1, 2008 2:23 pm
Posted by: heather

Our first trip was to Maryland to go to the beach and see some of Steve’s family. His grandfather lives down there in Bethesda and several aunts and uncles live in the area as well. We flew into BWI so we could meet up with Grandpa Carter before heading off to his farmhouse near the beach in Bishopville. Flying with a one year old is much different from flying with a 6 month old. Then he was happy to sit in our lap and nap while this time all he wanted to do was move. On our way down we were stuck in Boston Logan Airport for several hours while Delta tried to find us a pilot. Don’t ask me how you lose a pilot, but somehow they did. While this frustrated me to no end, Jace was super happy trying out his new walking skills on the carpeted gate area and flirting with all the other stranded people. Once we finally got on the plane, he wasn’t quite as happy. Trying to hold on to a squirming one year old for an hour long flight is much harder than you would think. Despite the best efforts of the flight attendant to distract him and me feeding him cheerios one at a time, he was miserable. We got him his own seat for our trip to Denver in October so we can strap him into his carseat.

Once we got to Maryland we had a great time meeting up with Grandpa Carter and his friend Gladys for the afternoon and dinner. Jace and GGC (Great Grandpa Carter) had fun walking around the backyard together.

After dinner we headed out to Bishopville with Steve’s sister Cindy. The farmhouse was great. Jace got to try climbing stairs for the first time and mastered going up in no time. Coming back down is a lot harder. Steve’s parents joined us the next day along with his aunt, cousins and their little baby and we met up with other relatives who were in the area. It was great to see everyone but if you have ever wondered where Steve gets his mellowness from, just hang out with his family for the weekend. Everyone is so relaxed and unstructured that I, the person who lives on plans and schedules, felt like a fish out of water. Jace seemed to do just fine and we did manage to do everything we had wanted to do. Played minigolf, ate crabs, visited with family, went to the beach, relaxed etc.

You may remember that the last time we took Jace to the beach he was 6 weeks old. He slept through most of it and, when he got dunked in ocean, he got sweet revenge by peeing on Steve. This time he was totally into it. He loved watching the waves crashing on the shore, liked hanging out in the water and didn’t even mind when a wave crashed all over us as we sat at the edge of the ocean. He even tried eating the sand but quickly learned by the second mouthful that it really isn’t meant to be eaten as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue until I scraped the sand out.

While we were in Maryland, Jace turned one so we had a little birthday celebration for him with icecream cake and some birthday presents. Not a big party or anything but we marked the occasion and he really is too young to know any different. He certainly loves his new books, “baby ipod” and icecream cake.

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