Vacation number 2

September 7, 2008 8:05 pm
Posted by: heather

What do you get when you take 15 families, 20 kids, 1 dog and a big house in Vermont? If you answered insanity, you aren’t too far from the truth but a better answer would be a great time. For July 4th we rented out entire Bed and Breakfast outside of Stowe Vermont. The house was beautiful with a pool and huge common space for eating and playing. This vacation is an annual event that started the year Steve and I got engaged. Back then it was a slightly smaller place with no kids, lots of beer and Jello Shots. My how things have changed. The trip is very casual with group dinners and whatever else you want to do. Feel like taking a walk and want company, just announce your intentions and somebody will be bound to join you. Want to go off and do you own thing? Nobody will feel left out or ignored.

This year we invited Julia and Nicholas with William and Koos, Stef and Xander. It was nice to increase the social circle and William and Jace got to share toys, meals and lots of fun. Apparently Nick and Julia want to rent Jace for dinner occasionally because William ate so much more with Jace as a role model.

To see what the trip was all about, check out our photo section.

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