Bonding with Grandparents

September 28, 2008 2:21 pm
Posted by: heather

Last month friends of ours got married in Vermont. We decided to take this opportunity to have a weekend sans piglet and let him spend the weekend with Gran and Granddad. Well, turns out he got extra bonding in because he got to spend the weekend with not just grandparents but also his aunt, uncle and two cousins. Plenty to keep him entertained chasing after his 2 year old cousin Lexie and extra hands and eyes to keep him out of trouble.

We drove up Thursday night and all slept there that night. Then Friday morning we spent hanging out with my parents, trying to acclimatize Jace. After an early lunch, Steve and I drove off to Vermont, hoping Jace would be okay. Well, the report back was that he couldn’t care less that we left! He was having so much fun he didn’t even notice.

When Jace was first born, my dad was a little wary of holding him but it sounds like they got plenty of time together this weekend. There was lots of hugs, visits to the next door neighbor’s chickens and rabbit and a game or two of matador where Jace got to be bull while my dad waved a towel at him.

When we got back there Sunday afternoon, I think my parents were happier to see us than Jace. Not to say I didn’t get a fabulous hug from him, but both my mum and dad were exhausted. Their comment was that they had lots of fun, that he was welcome to stay again for another weekend but no longer than that since he completely tires you out!

Meanwhile, Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed having a weekend in a cute inn spending quality grownup time and sleeping in.

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