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October 22, 2008 8:49 pm

Several of you have asked how I am coming on my architectural exams. After slacking off for the summer, I am back in gear. I have taken 5 exams so far. Passed 3, Not Passed 1, and I am waiting to hear back about the 5th one. Site Planning apparently did not agree with me. I think I just made a bunch of little errors which added up. Oh well. Very few people pass all of the them first time around.

The Great Escape

8:44 pm

The other day I picked up Jace at daycare and was lucky he was still there. Seems he had been plotting his great escape.

April has a gate between the living room and the front entry hall to keep the little kids from trying to wander off.  Jake’s mom had come to pick him up so Jake was on the far side of the gate while Jace was stuck inside. He was having none of it. He shook the gate and noticed it was loose. He backup up out of sight for a minute then ran at the gate at full speed. As he collided with the gate it moved a little. He back up, then ran into the gate again. And then again. And finally the gate popped out of the doorway and Jace was free….

For a few moments until April stopped laughing and scooped him up.

15 months old

October 18, 2008 9:45 am

The other week, Jace had his 15 month appointment. He continues to grow like a weed. 27lbs 14oz and 33″ long! We learned that there is a difference between length and height (gravity? or maybe kids just slouch?) and his growth chart is for length. He is still 90% for height and weight.

He passed his checkup with flying colors. Only thing we have to work on is transitioning him from the bottle to a sippy cup. We have switched his morning one so far but he isn’t too into this change. He definitely drinks much less from a sippy than the bottle. Oh well, he gets plenty of other dairy in yogurt and cheese and his isn’t about to waste away….

Take a Hike!

9:41 am

Last weekend the weather in Massachusetts was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to take advantage of it and go for a short hike in the Fells. We loaded Jace into the backpack carrier and took off. He wasn’t too pleased.

As the walk went on and Steve got us lost as usual, Jace decided that he might as well just chill out in there as opposed to fighting it.

After we finally made it back to the car, we decided that Jace deserved a nice time running around at a playground so we stopped on the way home at a great one in Medford on Playstead Road. Lots of things to climb up, through and around.

We are currently in Colorado visiting Steve’s family. Maybe because he is a little sick, maybe because it was the Ergo instead of the backpack, or maybe just the scenery was better, but Jace seemed much happier on our walk yesterday.


October 12, 2008 2:25 pm

Jace has definitely discovered a love of books of late. He will sometimes sit in a chair or on the floor and flip through them by himself.

However, most of the time he wants somebody to read to him and he has figured out the way to make that happen. He waits until you are sitting on the floor, grabs the closest book, backs up to your lap, sits down and hands you the book. Who could say no to a cuddly kid in your lap handing you a book?

We are however, getting a little tired of our small library. Jace still loves his Sandra Boynton books, Jamberry, and a couple of the simpler Dr. Suess books (Mr. Brown Can Moo, The Foot Book).  Occasionally he will sit through The Very Hungry Catapillar and Brown Bear Brown Bear but generally he still prefers books which have a rhyme to them. Any suggestions of other books we should get? For our sanity of course. I don’t Jace would mind if we read The Foot Book 20 times in a row!

Fruits and vegetables

October 8, 2008 9:16 pm

A couple years ago, our friend Derek told us about the “veggie vision” technology they were evaluating for the Stop&Shop grocery stores. This fancy high-tech image processing system would determine which fruits or vegetables were being passed across the scanner so that it would be unnecessary to type in the produce-specific code. It’s probably difficult to get a computer to do this reliably (and I never did see it show up at an actual store), but Jace seems pretty good at it — at least for the basic classification of fruits vs. vegetables. Even when faced with a completely new food item, he just needs a quick glance — no touching, tasting, or sniffing required — to tell whether it is a fruit that should be stuffed in his mouth, or a vegetable that should be kept away at all costs. He provided a great demonstration of this a couple days ago while visiting Nick, Julia and William, where he rejected all vegetables but eagerly reached for figs to gobble down, despite never having encountered them before.


He doesn’t always refuse all vegetables, though. Jace has a color-coded system for showing how hungry he is. Tonight for one of the many dinner courses, I heated up a frozen mix of carrots, corn, peas and green beans. On a typical night, these might all go untouched. If he’s hungry, all the orange items disappear, but all the yellow and green items remain. A bit hungrier and only green items will be left. Note that these are very discrete steps. If a particular color qualifies for eating, every bit of it will disappear. So far I haven’t seen the green things get touched…


Jace is becoming more adept at stacking and balancing. Today I put half a dozen chunks of banana on his tray. He used his left hand to place them all into his right hand. This was not an easy task, since his fist is only big enough to hold two of these banana chunks, and banana is slimy and slippery. But after a minute or two of squishing and stacking, he held a delicately balanced tower of banana chunks in his right hand.

And then he shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

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