15 months old

October 18, 2008 9:45 am
Posted by: heather

The other week, Jace had his 15 month appointment. He continues to grow like a weed. 27lbs 14oz and 33″ long! We learned that there is a difference between length and height (gravity? or maybe kids just slouch?) and his growth chart is for length. He is still 90% for height and weight.

He passed his checkup with flying colors. Only thing we have to work on is transitioning him from the bottle to a sippy cup. We have switched his morning one so far but he isn’t too into this change. He definitely drinks much less from a sippy than the bottle. Oh well, he gets plenty of other dairy in yogurt and cheese and his isn’t about to waste away….

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eileen wrote a comment on October 19, 2008

We are big fans of the Nuby brand soft spout sippies – the spouts are silicone and work by pressure. No valves to clean and no hard edges on the spout.

Robin wrote a comment on October 24, 2008

I have a feeling Jake will be following in Jace’s growth footsteps. He just had his one month appointment yesterday (at 5 1/2 weeks) and is 12lbs 8.5 oz. I will look to you for advice on what to expect for clothing sizes, etc.

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