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It’s a miracle

November 16, 2008 7:47 pm

Tonight for dinner Jace ate a salmon cake (very yummy from Whole Foods) with steamed carrots chunks and red pepper pieces. Yes, you read correctly. Jace voluntarily ate 2 different vegetables!

We have also switched his night time bottle to a sippy cup. I was really nervous that he would throw a fit but when we switched it over the other day, he didn’t complain at all. We read 3 stories (yes, there is a set limit. Jace would have about 20 stories if he had his way) while drinking the milk, have a cuddle and go to bed. His biggest fuss is about the number of books, not the milk supply mechanism. Of course he doesn’t drink as much milk now that he has sippy cups in the morning and at night but he eats plenty of cheese and yogurt so I think he is getting enough calcium and dairy. And it isn’t like this kid is going to waste away any time soon…


7:39 pm

In my opinion there is nothing cuter than kids dressed up for halloween. So Jace decided that he would host his first halloween party this year. We had quite a menagerie of creatures show up along with a few friends – 2 cows, a lamb, a penguin, 2 pumpkins, a storm trooper, Pocahontas, a witch and superman.

On the night of Halloween we decided that Jace should check out trick or treating (and score some loot for his parents). Actually we thought a couple of neighbors with kids would appreciate seeing him dressed up so we took him across the street to see Henry (a 4 year old) and around the corner to see Charlotte. Unfortunately Charlotte was napping but we did get to see Henry’s swamp monster costume!

After that we headed over to Nick and Julia’s to let the boys hang out and their families see a monkey and elephant in action.

Jace was a little nervous at first with all these people he hadn’t met before but his bear made it bearable :)

I’m sorry, I know I am biased but that is just plain adorable.


November 2, 2008 3:23 pm

I finally got a chance to upload a bunch of new pictures to the photos section. Check them out.

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A Word

3:22 pm

What is in a word? Well a lot when your 15 1/2 month old doesn’t have any. Technically, he did have uh-oh, no, mommommom and dada but the last two seem to be interchangeable and no can be used any time. Now he has a real word. “Bal” for ball. Used in the correct time and place, and only for balls. Very exciting.

Oh and a dog is a wooh (woof?) but only sometimes.

Nap Time Stories

3:08 pm

Since just after he turned one, Jace has been taking a nap on a mat at daycare. It used to be that he and Tyler took a nap in the morning in the bedroom then got some quality time with April after lunch when the big kids went down for a nap. Then she put them both down for an afternoon nap when the big kids woke up. Well at some point Jace decided there was much to much going on for him to sacrifice his afternoons taking a nap. He also decided that it was fun to poke the big kids as they lay on the floor napping.

Thus Jace transitioned to one nap a day with the big kids. He has his own mat on the floor in the corner and sleeps with everyone else.

The kids go down for nap right after lunch. April changes Jace’s diaper and puts him down on his mat. Most days he lays there and falls asleep. One afternoon, right after she put him down, April was changing Tyler’s diaper and looked up to see Jace scampering away from his mat. She gave him “the look” and he quickly ran back to his mat, laid down, and pretended to be asleep. I wish that worked for me!

The other day they were doing art in one room and Jace wandered away from the table. No big deal, a one year old doesn’t have a great attention span. But a couple of minutes later, April realized she couldn’t hear Jace playing in the living room. She went over to look for him and didn’t see him anywhere. She checked the gate to the hallway and it was latched. Then she looked back into the living room and saw a little foot peeking out from beside the couch. At 11am, Jace had decided he was tired so he went over to his mat, laid down and fell asleep. This is the same kid who more often than not screams when I put him down for a nap on the weekend.

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