November 16, 2008 7:39 pm
Posted by: heather

In my opinion there is nothing cuter than kids dressed up for halloween. So Jace decided that he would host his first halloween party this year. We had quite a menagerie of creatures show up along with a few friends – 2 cows, a lamb, a penguin, 2 pumpkins, a storm trooper, Pocahontas, a witch and superman.

On the night of Halloween we decided that Jace should check out trick or treating (and score some loot for his parents). Actually we thought a couple of neighbors with kids would appreciate seeing him dressed up so we took him across the street to see Henry (a 4 year old) and around the corner to see Charlotte. Unfortunately Charlotte was napping but we did get to see Henry’s swamp monster costume!

After that we headed over to Nick and Julia’s to let the boys hang out and their families see a monkey and elephant in action.

Jace was a little nervous at first with all these people he hadn’t met before but his bear made it bearable :)

I’m sorry, I know I am biased but that is just plain adorable.

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