Things I learned yesterday

December 5, 2008 12:44 pm
Posted by: heather

On chicken nuggets :

Do not microwave chicken nuggets. Even if they say you can on the box. Do NOT microwave them. Unless, of course, you want little hockey pucks for dinner.

On flu shots:

The flu shot may possibly prevent you from getting the flu and feeling like crap for a week, but it definitely will make you feel crappy for a day.

What did you learn yesterday?

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Cheryl wrote a comment on December 6, 2008

We have been giving RJ the faux chicken nuggets (he doesn’t like the texture of meat…even the faux nuggets are rejected sometimes) and I’ve found that if you put them in the microwave for only about 30 seconds they WON’T turn into hockey pucks and will be defrosted and at an eatable temperature. Works for veggie burgers too. Both are more palatable to the adult tastes in the oven and warmer, but when you’re already home late, and really don’t have 18 more minutes, the microwave is of course the preferred method! And RJ doesn’t like anything warm anyway – if it’s not room temp, he just keeps saying, “hot! hot!”. I haven’t tried it with Chicken Nuggets actually made of chicken though…

Also congrats on the new job!

Saru wrote a comment on December 8, 2008

It works on chicken nuggets made of actual chicken too. I just put them in for a minute or so (my microwave is really old).

I learned that always carrying your 20 lb son on your left will put undue pressure on the left arm and shoulder and make it impossible for you to move.

Robin wrote a comment on December 9, 2008

I learned the same thing about the flu shot. At Jake’s 2 week appointment. He did not have to get any shots, but I did. Very unfair. And then I felt like poo for a day or two.

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