Heather Update

December 24, 2008 4:12 pm
Posted by: heather

I started my new job last week and it has been a crazy week and a half. Trying to adjust to a new office, new ways of doing work, a new LONG commute (45+ minutes instead of 10), doing drop off instead of pickup and everything else has made it quite overwhelming. But as of today, I am on vacation and headed north. I will deal with the new job and all it’s complications in the new year. I am even going to try to switch my schedule so I can go in early 3 days a week and leave in time to do pickup. That would mean we could resume our Monday walks with William (provided we ever see our sidewalks clear of snow again this winter), Friday swims and one day of just fun Mommy and Jace time.

I also managed to take another architecture exam. Hopefully this one went better than the last two. I think it did. My goal is to retake the two graphics one and take MEP before the end of June. That will just leave structures to take in the new format of tests.

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Robin wrote a comment on December 29, 2008

Let me know when you are thinking of taking MEP. Maybe we can study together. I get the feeling it might be a good one to have a study partner for.

Julia wrote a comment on December 30, 2008

William loves the idea of resuming our Monday walks–he misses them (so does his mommy). Call when you are back in town!

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