January 29, 2009 9:32 pm
Posted by: heather

Jace is starting to get the hang of the english language these days. The majority of the time it is still Jace babble but he has a few good words to throw at you. Like MINE and NO and PEASE (please). Still crazy about fruit, he has a name for grapes and blueberries that if he says it when the fruit is around, you can figure out what he wants. Same with banana. Apple is pretty recognizable although it sounds very similar to April (his daycare provider).

He is certainly becoming a good parrot these days so we had better start watching what we say. Today I said we were going home and he clearly repeated OME.  And when we look at the pictures in his book he knows chair and hat.

When language fails, however, his tried and true method of communicating is either to cry (if you put him down or leave the room or don’t give him the glass in your hand) or drag to you whatever he wants (like the fridge so you can open the door and he can open the fruit drawer and pick grapes).

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