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Jace’s Morning Routine

February 24, 2009 5:33 pm

Wake up and sing a little song to the menagerie of animals in the crib

Go back to sleep for 15 minutes or so.

Wake up for real and start yelling “mommy mommy mommy”

Once mommy walks in the room ask for “addy addy addy”

Play in crib for 5 minutes while parents watch. Stand up. When parents reach to lift you out, lay back down, giggle and wrestle with menagerie.

Finally decide to get up and perhaps consent to a diaper change

Run to fridge and once parent has opened the door to get the milk out, open the crisper drawer and take a handful of grapes.

Eat grapes and drink milk sitting in monster chair in kitchen.

Run off to living room to play, dragging parent with you

Protest loudly when they decide it is time to get dressed or have a clean diaper.

When it is time to put hat, shoes, and jacket on to leave, run away every time parent turns around to grab next item. Laugh hysterically at your own antics.

Oh that is what was wrong…

4:40 pm

Last night, as Steve was getting Jace ready for bed, a meltdown began. He was perfectly happy to have his clothes taken off and insisted on his socks being removed (they are usually left on since he ends up with cold toes, even with his footed pj’s). Once the pajamas started to go on, he turned into a screaming crying child. Why? Well that was the question. We tried comforting him, holding him, putting him down, asking him what was wrong. Nothing. Just more screaming.

After about 5 minutes, Steve was standing in the hallway holding Jace, totally at a loss of what to do. He put him down again and asked him again to show us what he wanted. Jace immediately ran to the bathroom door. Once the door was opened, he went to the bathtub and guestured excitedly to it. Apparently the entire meltdown was because the poor kid wanted to take a bath. But it wasn’t bath night.

Animals and an active imagination.

February 4, 2009 11:34 am

Jace clearly loves his animals much more than trucks, blocks or other toys. He is often found carrying bear or puppy around and seems to think his littlest rubber ducky should be transported via mouth. He has conversations with his animals when in his crib  to the point where I have been know to remove his “friends” during nap time as he will lay there and babble to them rather than sleep.

The other night in the bath he had several rubber ducks and rubber frogs. They took turn being placed on the edge of the tub. In the past I have taken the animals on the edge and made them “jump” into the tub with a splash. Jace picked up on this but he decided that, since he was in charge, the big frog would push the rubber duck into the bath. Repeatedly. Until the rubber duck got even and pushed the frog in with Jace wearing a huge grin on behalf of the duck. It is amazing to see how he is starting to use his imagination.

(C) Steve and Heather Leibman, 2007.