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April 23, 2009 3:30 pm

Jace doesn’t have a lovie that he carries around everywhere like some kids but he definitely has a couple of “amnimals” that he likes to have when he sleeps. Usually it is bunny (a rabbit head on a little square of fabric) but when bunny isn’t available (MIA) then bear will do.
The other night Jace grabbed his tube of toothpaste while Steve was brushing his teeth. He refused to put it down so rather than have a battle, Steve let him carry it to bed. We figured he would just let go of it once he was handed bunny like he usually does when he brings a plastic farm animal to bed. However he was apparently very attached to the toothpaste tube. In face, when I got him out of his crib in the morning he was still hanging on to it! Who knew toothpaste could be so reassuring.

When Jace is cranky…

April 7, 2009 12:17 pm

When Jace doesn’t want something, he now says, “No-uh <insert item here>!”.

Me: Hey Jace, want some broccoli?
Jace: No!Uh broccoli!

This morning, he was in a cranky mood.
And when Jace is cranky, he apparently doesn’t want anybody to interfere with his crankiness.

Me: [humming while making breakfast] humm mmm hmm hmm
Jace: No! uh-hm hm hm.

Me: okay. La la la lee lah
Jace: No! uh-la la la.

Me: All right. Dum dee dum dee dum~
Jace: No! uh-dum dum dum.

And then he punched me (or really, tried to push me out of the kitchen with the back of his wrist).

I guess I shouldn’t torture cranky people.

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