Where’s the Camera?

May 5, 2009 8:56 pm
Posted by: heather

Last Monday Jace and I went out on our Monday walk with William and Julia. This was the first week in a long time that the boys were not bundled up in blankets and rain covers, in their own personal cocoons. They decided this was fabulous and spent the whole trip “chatting” while Julia and I caught up on the last couple of weeks of craziness.

Some highlights from the boy’s conversations are as follows. (I won’t bore you with the highlights of my conversation, not nearly as exciting unless you like work stress and house dilemmas…) After saying hi and babbling for a bit they got into a giggle contest, alternating between William saying giggle and both of them laughing. This was followed by Jace’s pointing out the endless number of balls to William. Next we had a rousing rendition of “STOP STOP STOP” (I think they realized the playground was approaching so they were trying to get a point across). Finally they quieted down and William reached out his hand. Jace grabbed hold and they continued to try to hold hands as we walked down the sidewalk. It took some serious stroller skills to try to walk slow enough and close enough for them to allow to hold hands without bumping strollers. How I wish I had the camera on me.

They were quite sad when we reached the traffic light and had to say goodbye.

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Julia wrote a comment on May 6, 2009

Right after you left last night, William shouted “Byebye Heder.” Have a great time in PA, we’ll miss you on Monday. Maybe we can try a make up afternoon later in the week.

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