Heard at the zoo today

May 10, 2009 5:46 pm
Posted by: heather

Me – “Hey Jace, look, a deer”

Jace – “yummy”

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Cheryl wrote a comment on May 10, 2009

hahahaha!!!! Every day when we pass the dairies (yes, we pass more than one dairy!) RJ says, “Cows!(pause) eat ‘em?” This is hilarious since RJ will only very rarely eat meat. I have to agree with Jace on venison being “yummy” though.

Tim wrote a comment on May 14, 2009

That is great! Hailey a few years ago would always point to the sky and say, “Look, Goose dinner”. I think grandpa had served goose one time and ever since then all geese were thought of as dinner.

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