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Jace’s new accomplishments

June 8, 2009 10:40 am

It’s been a while since I noted some of Jace’s new tricks and accomplishments. His vocabulary and linguistics have greatly improved of late. We still only understand about 25% of what he says but there are a number of new words and he is starting to string them together in short sentences. A couple of note “ssshhh, quiet, mommy napping” (actually I had already left for a business trip but he didn’t know that) and “daddy sit!”(yes, he is clearly the one in charge). He can make an “s” sound in the middle of words and for ssshhh but not at the start of most words. Some times he just skips the letter like “sit” becomes “it” and other times “s” becomes “f” -soccer is “frocker”. He is also understand the concept of multiple objects and even numbers. Last weekend he pointed out “two doggies” and yesterday it was “nother airpane” all afternoon since we seem to be in the departing flight path these days, much to his enjoyment.

Physically he has also learned to jump off the wall with both feet at once (this is harder than it looks. A lot of coordination required for a little kid) and can walk up some stairs by himself. He climbs everything but has a developed a huge fear of slides. I have no idea where or why this started but it has definitely limited the appeal of the playground of late. He likes the stairs and tunnels but refused to go down the slide, even going as far as tell me not to go down yesterday. I have pulled his plastic backyard slide out of the garage in the hopes that a short slide in the comfort of his backyard that he can explore at his own pace might help him get over his fear.

He has also developed a liking for cake and icecream from this weekend’s spree of birthday celebrations and  bbqs.  We avoided sweets for so long but it is hard as his social life picks up. He still likes a good blueberry (definitely his favorite fruit) so there is hope.

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