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Eating Broccoli? Really?

July 29, 2009 3:22 pm

How to get Jace to eat broccoli….

Cook broccoli and serve with dinner

Jace ignores broccoli

Heather gets drink of lemonade to go with her dinner

Jace asks for lemonade to drink

Jace is denied lemonade in favor of milk

Jace asks for lemons

Steve brings Jace bottle of lemon juice

Steve asks Jace if he wants lemon juice on his broccoli

Jace enthusiastically says yes

Steve and Heather sit back in amazement as Jace devours broccoli on his plate and asks for more

Question of the day – Does adding lemon juice to your broccoli reclassify it to fruit, thus making it acceptable for consumption?

Putting two and two together

July 26, 2009 8:18 am

No, Jace hasn’t learned to add yet but he is definitely connecting things together. Friday night I was singing him a lullaby to try to get him to calm down and go to sleep after an overstimulating birthday party for his daycare friend. The lullaby is based on the one about the mockingbird but since I can’t remember the lyrics I have made up my own version involving brick houses, porcupines, and teddy bears. After I was done singing Jace asked me what a porcupine was. I explained it was an animal that had prickly spines. His response “blueberry [his term for my black raspberry canes] is prickly”. I was very impressed that he could connect two very unrelated items.

He is using more and more words everyday and we are barraged by a constant stream of “what’s that?” At least we aren’t in the “why” phase yet since at this point a simple “its a ….” satisfies his curiosity although we try to say what it does as well. However, this does not mean that everything he says is intelligible by any stretch of the imagination. The other night he was asking for a book to read in his crib. No matter how many times he said the name I couldn’t figure out which book he was referring to. So I asked him what was in the book. “Baa Moo Cockadoo” was his reply which, for those of you have have it, clearly means  “Barnyard Dance” [with a baa and a moo and a cockadoodledoo].

Jace is also starting to recognize different colors. A couple of weeks ago, everything was “yellow” but yesterday morning he told us that he had a yellow straw, daddy’s was blue and mine was pink. Pink may seem abstract for 2 year old but he loved my pink toenails after I got a manicure and still asks for me give him pink toes after my manicure is long gone.

On a random note, for those of you looking for new pictures of Jace, I am afraid you will have to wait a while. My computer seems to be having technical issues and my IT support is busy working on the upstairs apartment trying to get it ready for a new tenant. Perhaps in August?

Stealing Snacks – The Walnut Incident

July 14, 2009 2:49 pm

As you all know, Jace rather enjoys food (well, most food. anything resembling a vegetable is taboo). He has been known to eat other people’s snacks at daycare when April isn’t looking and has made off with William’s sippy cup of milk on more than one occasion. Yesterday he apparently took some of David’s snack (April’s oldest son who is going into 2nd grade next year). Problem is that David had walnuts for snack and apparently Jace had a bit of a reaction to them.  After snack they all went into the other room to read stories. April glanced over at Jace and noticed that one of his cheeks was kind of red. Well, he frequently has chapped cheeks, I think from drooling in his sleep, so she didn’t think much of it. A couple of pages later she glanced over and his other cheek was red. Next look his entire face was red and he was getting itchy. A quick call to dad and some children’s benedryl and Jace recovered none the worse for the experience. Looks like we might have a walnut allergy on our hands (or in our kid!).

He had vegi burgers with walnuts last summer and got a rash on his face but it was at the same time that he had hand foot mouth disease so I wasn’t really sure what the cause was. So as not to endure another blood draw 2 months after our traumatic 1 year appointment, our pediatrican recommended just avoiding nuts and doing a screening at 2 when he needed bloodwork anyways. I can’t say we (read this as STEVE) were entirely sucessful at this since apparently we (STEVE) forgot that the leftover hazelnut sage risoto contained nuts etc etc but there were no future reactions until yesterday. Good thing Jace’s 2 month appointment is on thursday. Hopefully the allergy is limited to just walnuts.

Defective Potty?

July 7, 2009 12:50 pm
Defective Potty?

A couple of weeks ago Jace started expressing interest in “potty”. We tried sitting him on the toilet to  see if that would satisfy his curiosity but he was clearly afraid of being up there. So after a week of frequent mentions of “potty” we decided it was time to give him one. I had bought one at christmas time when my brother and family were out so that my niece would have something to use. However it turned out she was already comfortable sitting on the toilet by that time so it sat in its box in the basement waiting for Jace.

When I was pregnant we were given a book “The Potty Book for Boys” which Jace loves us to read. Henry gets a potty as a gift from his parents so we decided to follow along with the book for Jace. I wrapped up his potty and gave it him that saturday morning. Jace thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping it and was very excited. He insisted on sitting on it right away. Wouldn’t you know it, he sat down and peed.

That is when we realized we had a defective potty. Even pushing him all the way to the back of the potty, it still went everywhere except inside. We quickly rushed out to Target that weekend and are the proud owners of “Froggy Potty”As you can probably guess, Jace LOVES it. He likes to “make water” as he calls peeing and has even pooped in the potty several times.  Right now he uses it when we remember to ask (usually in the morning, before nap and in the evening) and occasionally he asks to go. Now we just need to figure out how to teach him to know when he needs to use it. Perhaps a weekend of no diapers and lots of mess? If you have any tips, pass them on!

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