Defective Potty?

July 7, 2009 12:50 pm
Posted by: heather
Defective Potty?

A couple of weeks ago Jace started expressing interest in “potty”. We tried sitting him on the toilet to  see if that would satisfy his curiosity but he was clearly afraid of being up there. So after a week of frequent mentions of “potty” we decided it was time to give him one. I had bought one at christmas time when my brother and family were out so that my niece would have something to use. However it turned out she was already comfortable sitting on the toilet by that time so it sat in its box in the basement waiting for Jace.

When I was pregnant we were given a book “The Potty Book for Boys” which Jace loves us to read. Henry gets a potty as a gift from his parents so we decided to follow along with the book for Jace. I wrapped up his potty and gave it him that saturday morning. Jace thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping it and was very excited. He insisted on sitting on it right away. Wouldn’t you know it, he sat down and peed.

That is when we realized we had a defective potty. Even pushing him all the way to the back of the potty, it still went everywhere except inside. We quickly rushed out to Target that weekend and are the proud owners of “Froggy Potty”As you can probably guess, Jace LOVES it. He likes to “make water” as he calls peeing and has even pooped in the potty several times.  Right now he uses it when we remember to ask (usually in the morning, before nap and in the evening) and occasionally he asks to go. Now we just need to figure out how to teach him to know when he needs to use it. Perhaps a weekend of no diapers and lots of mess? If you have any tips, pass them on!

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Cheryl wrote a comment on July 8, 2009

RJ also has the Froggy Potty and we’re really happy with it! It’s his upstairs potty that matches his Froggy-Themed Bathroom (which if you remember used to be the decor from our only bathroom when we lived in Waltham!)

Our other potty – which alternates between the trunk of my car, being slung on the back of his stroller, and our downstairs bathroom is a first years potty (that I got at my baby shower) and we haven’t had any major issues with it except that RJ likes to remove the splash guard. But it’s better without it since RJ learned to point his penis down anyway.

I highly recommend tons of naked boy time (three cheers for summertime potty training!). RJ wouldn’t necessarily stop what he was doing if he was wearing a diaper (or underwear) at first, but if he was naked, he did NOT want to go on the floor. And if he did, we just gently reminded him that pee pee (and poo) goes in the potty. Good Luck! It’s frustrating at first, but it does get better pretty quickly! The big thing is not going back to a diaper right after an accident. Also, it sounds like you already have a great potty book, but for variety, RJ really liked “No more diapers for ducky”. Even though we have returned the book to his friend, he still recites, “no more diapers for ducky…no more diapers for RJ!”

RJ also has a message for Jace:

Hi Jace, Welcome to the pottying world. It’s lots of fun and you don’t have to wear yucky diapers anymore. Remember that when you’re starting out, you can get out of doing lots of stuff by just saying the magical word “potty!”. I used to like to say that I needed to use the potty several times during dinner time to avoid actually needing to eat anything. I also really liked to sit on the potty for endless hours making Mommy and Daddy read to me. It was really a ploy – I didn’t have to go, but Mommy and Daddy didn’t want to discourage me from using the potty. Anyway, soon you’ll find that it’s way more fun to go really fast and then get back to playing. Maybe we can have potty races when I come visit in August! Have lots of fun – you also get to run around naked a lot when you’re working on learning to go to the potty!
Love, RJ

Julia wrote a comment on July 9, 2009

I’ve heard that dedicating a weekend to the cause with a small reward for success (m&m, piece of fruit, part of cookie, etc) works well. Also, I have heard that pull ups are the worst (our daycare won’t let us use them at school) and also heard that even after accidents to go back to underwear and not revert to diapers. Wiliam’s a ways a way from that, so we’ll learn from your experiences!! I know you’ll keep us posted!

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