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Look How Big I’ve Gotten

September 24, 2009 10:40 am
Look How Big I've Gotten

My computer is fixed, we have all finally shaken the endless end of summer cold and Jace is asleep so there are no more excuses. I have updated the pictures in the photo album finally. Check out Jace from his 2 year party on. In celebration of the big day we threw him a monkey party for all his little friends. Everyone got matching monkey shirts and we had a great time outside playing. Both sets of grandparents even made it here for the celebration.

At Jace’s two year doctor’s appointment he weighed in at 32lbs 5 oz (clothed) and 36″ tall. He even graduated to being measured standing up instead of baby length. Still 90% for height and weight he is a big but proportional kid. He is in 2T clothing but if he grows much this winter we will be buying some new stuff soon.  Jace still loves fruit more than anything but he has discovered his carnivorous roots. Sausage is frequently requested. He has definitely developed his own opinions about things to the point of obstinacy at times. This is particularly challenging since he still can’t always explain what it is that he wants, only that what you are currently offering isn’t it. We have certainly entered the terrible twos although generally he is a sweet little kid.

My first homemade gift

September 22, 2009 8:20 pm

Today I received my first homemade gift from Jace. A keychain. He picked out the color of beads, arranged them (in a nice uniform order by color, just like I would) and helped put them on the string.  I immediately attached it to my keys. I’m sure I will receive many more gifts over the years but this one will always be special.

Right or left? Kids or diggers?

September 19, 2009 1:28 pm

On Thursday afternoons, Heather picks Jace up from daycare, and I typically arrive home from work a little while later. On this particular Thursday, when I pulled into the driveway, they hadn’t yet appeared, so I decided to go for a walk and intercept them on their way home.

Ahead and to the right, the squeal of kids at the playground.

Ahead and to the left, the rumble of diesel engines at the construction site.

So… which direction should I go? Towards the construction site, obviously. And sure enough, there’s Jace up on Heather’s shoulders, with what is now his usual stream of conversation, “ooh the blue cherry picker mommy. Where the crane? Where’d the yellow crane go? Can’t see the nail gun. Can’t see the nail gun Mommeeee!”

That’s pretty much what he’s into these days. Instead of taking him to daycare, we should just get him a job operating a forklift.

Listen Here Geese

September 14, 2009 5:52 pm

This weekend we went to George’s Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands, for my company outing. Jace had a fabulous time running around the fort and playing with the other toddlers and a soccer ball. Unfortunately there was a lot of goose poop on the grass area where we were. When we pointed it out to Jace and told him what it was and that he should avoid it, he retorted “geese [should] poop in potty, mommy”.

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