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I slay Dragons

October 16, 2009 12:45 pm

Jace has clearly entered another phase of childhood where he is showing his (sometimes too) active imagination. At daycare he takes a nap on a mat and after nap he is supposed to put the mat away in the pile. April asked him one day during snack if he had put his mat away. “Yes, put mat on porch” “On porch, in rain”. Now the porch is outside and it was sunny out but in Jace’s imagination that clearly wasn’t the case.

The other night he woke me up crying hysterically. When I asked him what was wrong he said there was a dragon in his bed as he pointed towards the corner of his crib where his blanket was hanging. The blanket is fleece which is tied with little knots all around the perimeter. I guess the tufts looked like dragon scales or something in his half awake state. I slayed that dragon and Jace returned to sleep.

I have also told monsters to leave the closet on several occasions and looked for bears in the closet too. How much is Jace just trying to get attention and how much he believes I cannot tell, but when he asks me to make the robot go away, I am sure going to try.

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