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Baking Cookies

January 28, 2010 1:06 pm

Last night Jace and I decided to bake cookies. I had been thinking about it the night before as my friend from work has been having a rough time and I knew she would appreciate it. Then spontaneously, the next morning, Jace mentioned making cookies. After getting home from daycare Jace debated whether we should make oatmeal raisin (his idea) or chocolate chip (my idea). We settled on chocolate chip and got to work. Jace was a great helper, dumping all the ingredients into the bowl, mixing the dry ingredients together and “helping” me turn on the mixer. He did, however, impose one rule on the task. He had to taste each ingredient. Sugar, brown sugar (tasted several times for quality control), chocolate chips, flour, salt, butter, and even baking soda and vanilla extract. But, once we added the eggs to the mixure, he was very good at following my direction that he could no longer eat the batter “because of the little bugs, right mommy” that might be in the eggs. Yes, our family is not fair. Mommy can eat the batter (when Jace isn’t looking) but he is not allowed to. My justification, his tummy is much less experieced with bugs and much smaller than mine so a little salmonella would do him much worse than me. When it came time to put the cookies on the cookie sheet, Jace had his own spoon. He ended up scoping about 1 chocolate chip plus batter at a time but he got the idea. We had fun working together and yes, he thoroughly enjoyed the end result. Chocolate from ear to ear.

Christmas in Colorado

January 10, 2010 9:03 pm