Potty Training (or toilet learning if you rather)

March 6, 2010 8:10 pm
Posted by: heather

About a month ago we began on that great journey known as potty training. Or apparently “toilet learning”if you want to be more pc. We decided to stick with the former.

Jace’s friends Oliver and William had recently been potty training and he was rather interested. He wanted to wear underwear like William so we explained that wearing underwear meant that he had to use the potty instead of his diaper. He looked unimpressed.

Around when Jace turned 2, we bought him a froggy potty and gave it to him as a gift just like the little boy Henry in his potty book. At the time he was really interested and would often “make water” when we sat him on the potty. He even pooped a couple of times. Then, after a month or two he simply lost interested.

This time, however, we decided we would give it a serious try. Having spoken to various friends and read some info from books and websites, we created a plan of attack. I went on a mission to buy underwear because the first thing we learned is that you have to be consistent. Even if you have accidents, you really should keep you kid in underwear at all times so that they don’t start just hold it until the diaper goes back on (nap time and bedtime are two exceptions¬† as they don’t have enough control to last that long). I have this big thing about licensed character stuff and have really tried to keep my child from becoming a walking advertisement. He does have a pair of sunglasses with a little picture of Diego on the side (“where are my Diego glasses mommy?” is a frequent question in our house) and a Thomas T shirt that was passed down to use, but that is it.¬† And I only got the Diego glasses because they were the only ones in his size. Searching for non-licensed character underwear was bigger challenge that I had thought. First tip – Don’t go to Target. We got a couple pairs from Old Navy but they run very small (and we all know Jace isn’t exactly small). I eventually found a couple of pairs at the Gymboree outlet and a bunch at Carters, including boxer briefs which I think are just too cute on him.

Then we went all in on a weekend. Basically we took Jace to the potty every 45 minutes whether he wanted to or not and never left the house. He was excited to wear the underwear and mostly willing to give it a try although day 1 resulted in several accidents in a row in the afternoon when he was tired and sick of going to the potty. Day two was much more successful but still was on our schedule. Monday we sent him to daycare and April ended up setting a timer to reminder herself and Jace that it was potty time. He loved it. By the end of the week he was much more aware of his body and would say if he need to go whenever you asked (and was mostly right). The only problem. He was afraid to poop on the potty. While many kids have this fear, Jace didn’t just poop as soon as he had his diaper on. No, he tried to hold it in, even though he really had to go. That weekend we had a birthday party to go to for Zachary. While we were there, Jace was clearly uncomfortable and kept saying he needed to go potty. However, as soon as we go in the bathroom, he declared that he didn’t need to go. We tried to be patient but decided to enact a rule that if he declared he had to go, he at least had to sit on the potty for a couple of minutes and try, even if nothing happened. Well, this turned out to mean we spend most of the party in the bathroom, yet all we got out of it were several pairs of dirty underwear from the 5 minutes in between potty trips.

Within the next week, he finally came to grips with his poop issue and now he is happy to declare “I have pees, mommy” “I have poops”. Why they are plural, I don’t know but it is very cute and he is doing a great job. Most of the accidents we have these days are just not getting there quite in time or not pulling his pants all the way down. The only remaining issue is that he is terrified of other people’s toilets. Potties are fine but if we find ourselves out somewhere where there is no little potty, he refused to even try. He will sit on our big potty with no problem but even Oliver’s toilet was scary last night. I have ordered a foldable potty seat from Amazon that we can easily carry with us, so hopefully he will become comfortable using that and we won’t have to worry so much about accidents whenever we leave the house.

Generally it has gone much better than I expected and wish any of you luck when you go down this road.

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Holly wrote a comment on March 26, 2010

Awesome! Go Jace! May Coby and we have such luck, whenever we “go all in” (I like the context for that phrase). As of yet, we are halfhearted at best. Sigh. Such is life with two.

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